Integrated Digital Marketing Agency

Our integrated digital marketing services ensure websites are optimised for consumer discovery. Our online marketing solutions include using search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to help drive traffic to your website. We specialise in conversion rate optimisation (CRO) which helps to create more intuitive user experiences. And our multi-channel electronic direct marketing (EDM) campaign strategies ensure that you are always conversing with your audience in an effective manner.

Discover how our digital marketing services can help your brand reach new audiences.

Full-Service Digital Marketing

We are a full-service digital marketing agency – meaning we can manage all the details of your business’ online presence, from start to finish. We have teams of digital marketing specialists for each area of expertise, helping to focus our services on creating you a bespoke strategy for success. From email marketing, to motion design, SEO and more – the online marketing solutions we offer can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Email Marketing

Email marketing and EDM (electronic direct mail) is one of the key digital marketing services we offer our clients. This is because email remains the favoured method for the majority of consumers to receive messages and promotions.

Motion Design

User experience is more important than ever and that’s where a digital marketing agency can help. Our in-house motion design specialists understand what will capture the attention and imagination of your customers on your site and on social media. Through our expertly-crafted, high-end motion design, we can help you heighten the experiences of your users and optimise conversion rates for success.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of the digital marketing services we provide, and for good reason. We can tailor an SEO strategy for your business and help you reach your audience with greater ease as you rank higher organically in Google searches.

Our search engine marketing specialists also create targeted PPC strategies to engage the audiences you’re looking to attract.


Do you want to expand your reach and scale into new markets? Our online marketing experts specialise in both transcreation and localisation to adapt your website copy into various languages and tailor your content for each audience.

Online Brochures & Infographics

If you want your content to make an impact and engage your audience, our digital marketing services also include online brochures and infographics. We can grow your brand awareness with the use of these clearly communicated and visually stunning infographics and brochures.

Graphic/Print Design

Whether you’re in search of the perfect packaging, enticing exhibition display stands or an attention-grabbing billboard campaign, our graphic design professionals will create impactful products to boost your brand.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is quite simply the utilization of the internet to reach and communicate with consumers - be that through search engines, social media or elsewhere. Through promoting your products and services via these means, you're making use of digital marketing to engage new and existing customers.

All the services we offer under our digital marketing umbrella are components of what is meant by this term - SEO, PPC and email marketing are all forms of online marketing.

How Xigen Can Help Your Business

At Xigen, our integrated digital marketing services offer your business a full suite of marketing solutions, both online and offline. It begins with SEO, SEM and PPC strategies, helping to drive consumers to your website.

Successful digital marketing solutions must not only project your brand and message, but also offer positive user experiences. With our services, we create digital marketing solutions aimed at captivating consumers with personalised experiences. Your audience will be transformed into loyal customers you can nurture and, in turn, grow your business with increased conversion.

Our goal as a specialist digital marketing agency is simple: strengthen your brand and grow your business.