Pay Per Click Campaign Management

The management of a pay per click campaign is simple - you control the budget and how much you'll spend when a user clicks on your advertisement. PPC marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to advertise your brand and services via websites and search engines to reach new audiences. As a pay per click management agency, we can take care of the management of your PPC and SEO campaigns for higher SERP ranking and to ensure you're advertising in the right areas to reach relevant new audiences.


Targeted Audiences

As a specialist PPC marketing company, we have in-house SEM specialists who take pride in creating tailored PPC strategies for each business we work with. At Xigen, we strive to understand your business inside and out to ensure our pay per click services are in line with your business requirements. We successfully target your desired audiences using highly optimised copy and drive users to your website.


Xigen's search engine marketing services use the latest and most effective data tools and detailed analytics. Our SEM specialists can then ensure your PPC campaigns are not only optimised, but are also producing measurable results.

Increasing Traffic & Conversions

Dedicated to increasing conversion, lead generation and sales, our experienced in-house team of SEM specialists have the expertise to execute powerful pay per click marketing campaigns. Our pay per click services increase traffic on your site by projecting your brand to new users. This leads to conversions by engaging your desired audiences and having meaningful and ongoing conversations with your customers.

Pay Per Click Services

Xigen is a pay per click advertising agency, so we offer expert services tailored to the specific requirements of your business. Our process includes, audits, keyword targeting, performance monitoring and more.

PPC Audits

As part of the management of your fresh pay per click efforts, our PPC experts can audit any campaigns that have previously been in place. This will help to identify what worked before and what can be improved to create a high-performing service for your business.

Audience Targeting

An audience-focused pay per click marketing strategy helps our PPC specialists decipher the most valuable traffic and recognise potential customers. This then allows us to tailor what we produce to the searcher rather than just the search.

Bidding Strategies

Part of our pay per click services involve constructing the right bid at the right time to match growth with efficiency. We incorporate the latest industry technology with our team’s PPC marketing skills and experience to personalize bid strategies and attain your campaign goals.

Keyword Targeting

We’re a pay per click agency that digs deeper than just ‘relevance’. Our PPC specialists thoughtfully form a collection of the most impactful terms to help you drive performance.


Our pay per click services combine a wide range of tools. This means we have the ability to enhance productivity, eliminate mistakes and respond in real-time.

Performance Monitoring

Xigen’s PPC marketing experts provide you with regular health checks and audits, reviewing your entire account performance to maintain high levels of quality.

Pay Per Click News & Insights

Our insights centre is full of news and insights, including information about pay per click marketing. If you have any questions, you can contact our specialists.