Simple and intuitive, Craft CMS makes managing your website's content quicker and easier

Whether you need a polished, elegant-looking website or a more distinctive, unconventional style, our UK-based Craft CMS developers can make it happen.

The Craft CMS boasts easier content creation and control, intuitive panel controls, powerful image editing and multiple site content management from a single location - making website development seamless with this platform.

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Craft CMS Key Features

Craft CMS has a powerful plugin framework featuring hundreds of active plugins, which makes development on this platform bespoke for each of our clients. Craft CMS also operates in a local development environment, so you’ll have the power at your fingertips to experiment and test before uploading to your live site.

Craft is quickly becoming the CMS of choice for fast and effective website development thanks to a number of appealing features.

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Easy to Use

The beauty of Craft CMS is that our web design and development team can tailor your dashboard to suit your needs – we work together and create an easy-to-use platform specifically for you and your team.

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Mobile Ready

Craft CMS is mobile-ready, ensuring all your audiences are catered for.

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Craft CMS is set up to cater for all business types – no matter whether you operate B2B or B2C.

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Craft’s multi-site feature allows your publishing team to manage the content for multiple sites.

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Craft is a CMS built with eCommerce in mind – perfectly set up for our development team to customise in your vision.

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Craft CMS is a dream for website developers, thanks in large part to its lightweight code base offering the opportunity to create tailored dashboards.

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Craft operates across desktop, tablet and mobile, ensuring your users have the optimal experiences, no matter what device they use.

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Highly Customisable

Craft CMS developers have the freedom to build, rather than work based on strict templates, making this platform extremely customisable.

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Easily Extendable

Add ons, plugins and bespoke modules that can be tailored to your exact requirements make this platform extremely easy to extend.

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Faster Operation

The previously mentioned lightweight code base means Craft has swift loading times and fast operation.

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SEO Tools

SEO for Craft makes your search capabilities incredibly easy to manage and maintain.

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Faster Development Time

Without the shackles of clunky code, our expert Craft developers can quickly create and tweak your site.

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Yii PHP Framework

Craft operates with Yii, which is a high-performance PHP framework – this allows our developers to swiftly develop applications at scale.

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Easy to Update

The Craft dashboard control panel will show all your updates from both Craft and your plugins, so you can seamlessly perform updates.

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Strong User Permissions

A huge benefit of using Craft is its advanced user permissions system – each role you assign permissions to can be finely tuned and tailored.

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Craft takes security seriously – so you can trust that fixes will be made swiftly, and with little fuss.

Xigen: Leading UK-Based Craft CMS Developers

Our developers create Craft CMS websites that are optimised for your audience. It's important to us that we provide proactive support and maintenance. We keep you updated with the latest Craft CMS features, tools and security updates, as well as cutting edge website development trends, helping you to engage and inspire your audience.

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