Results Driven Email Marketing Agency

We're a result driven email marketing agency. We measure each email campaign's ongoing success using an array of email metrics and campaign performance analytics.

Using the right metrics and analytics ensures that your emails are always relevant and valuable for your target audience, helping to increase conversion rates, lift sales and strengthen brand integrity.

EDM Marketing

eCommerce email

Not only do our in-house eCommerce and digital marketing specialists create marketing emails that are tailored to your needs, as an expert digital design agency we also produce highly engaging emails that are feature rich, with dynamic content that's optimised for conversion and for mobile devices.

eCommerce emails fall into two broad categories:

Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing emails are used for a variety of purposes, from communicating the latest product information, upsell opportunities, personalised offers and promotions, to re-engagement and nurturing customer loyalty.

Electronic digital mail (EDM) marketing campaigns are part of your brand’s larger marketing strategy. As a specialist eCommerce email and EDM agency we use multiple marketing channels to connect with potential customers—channels such as social media and PPC, bolstering an email marketing campaign's message with insights, blog and lifestyle content.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are about order progress and customer experiences. They are usually automated and cover areas such as, welcome emails, shopping cart recovery, order processing, confirmations, delivery updates, feedback, administration, the list goes on.

Using automated transaction emails keeps customers informed about their orders, offers them personalised incentives to re-engage with their shopping journey, and helps keep their account secure.

EDM Marketing Strategy

Delivering email & EDM marketing campaigns

We will effectively deliver and execute your eCommerce email marketing campaigns which will enable your brand and your message to reach wider audiences. Our multi-channel approach means your message will be more visible than with an email newsletter service alone—it will also be pinging on social media, via SMS and aligned with offline collateral.

Email & EDM consultation

The first thing we do as a diligent eCommerce email agency is to get to know your brand and business. This discovery stage is vital for us to understand you and your audience so that we can develop and design the right email and EDM strategy for your business.

From developing an email strategy tailored to your requirements, to creating email designs that your customers will truly engage with, you can count on our specialists to consult with you and guide you at every step, from discovery to email design and deployment, to EDM integration.

Email design

Our eCommerce emails are designed using rich media content and are optimised for mobile devices. We use a range of dynamic motion and digital media combining audio, video and animation. Kinetic email design features interactive elements such as product sliders and tabbed content, making emails more interesting and engaging for customers, increasing click-rates and your ROI.

We also utilise data gathered such as browsing behaviour and purchase history to inform our personalisation services. Combined with strong calls to action, intuitive email newsletter design, appropriate copy tone of voice and extended social and offline coverage, your message will reach a wider audience.

Strategic Segmentation

Segmentation can have a significant impact on the success of your email campaigns and EDM strategy. It's often overlooked. In fact, 89% of email marketers don’t segment their email databases, simply opting to 'send to all' instead.

Because we're a specialist eCommerce email marketing agency we take a much more nuanced approach. Not segmenting can lead to irrelevant emails being sent to your valued customers. This has the potential to harm your brand with lower open rates and higher bounce, unsubscribe and spam rates.

Email Analytics

Detailed data about the performance of a campaign is gathered and analysed by our highly experienced in-house digital marketing specialists. We can discover which emails recipients opened, what they clicked on, what video content they played, which links were followed, who unsubscribed, which emails bounced, the list goes on.

This builds an invaluable knowledge base to gauge the success of your campaigns across the wider business landscape, inform future campaigns and keep your database clean.

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