Results Driven Email & EDM Marketing

As a specialist email marketing agency, our focus is on getting results for your business. That's why our in-house EDM marketing specialists create a strategy tailored to your needs. We produce engaging email campaigns featuring rich, dynamic content that’s optimised for mobile while utilising relevant, targeted messaging. Irrelevant emails weaken customer relationships and brand integrity - we can help you to avoid sending them.

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What Is Email & EDM marketing?

Email marketing is part of a brand’s EDM marketing strategy which utilises several methods of communication to bolster the message of a campaign. EDM marketing uses a variety of communication channels to connect with customers - channels such as social media and PPC.

As part of our EDM marketing work, we guide your business and ensure your messages hit the right audience segments, reinforcing positive user relationships, triggering and maintaining meaningful conversations.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

You've discovered what email marketing is, but it’s also important to explain its benefits. The beauty of implementing email marketing as part of an EDM marketing strategy is the data you gather as a result. At Xigen, we use detailed analytics to evaluate how your campaigns perform. This, in turn, will shape and inform future strategies bespoke to your business requirements.

The benefits of email marketing are:

  • Data gathering - we can gauge how many customers opened the email and via which device, when they opened the mail, where they are in the world and also how many of those customers converted.
  • Enhance user experience - with thoughtful email newsletter design, our html email designers can create personalised communications to strike the perfect tone with your valued customers.
  • Cost-effective - an email newsletter service and EDM strategy is efficient in terms of both time and money.

Delivering Your Email & EDM Marketing Strategy

We will effectively deliver and execute your EDM marketing strategy which will enable your brand and your message to reach wider audiences. Our multi-channel approach means your message will be more visible than with an email newsletter service alone - it will also be pinging on social media, via SMS and aligned with offline collateral.

Our Email & EDM Marketing Guides

As a specialist email marketing agency, our EDM marketing experts will guide you through our processes from start to finish. From designing an EDM marketing strategy tailored to your requirements, to creating an email newsletter design your customers will truly engage with, you can count on our specialists to help grow your business.

EDM Vs Email Marketing

EDM differs from email marketing in that it not only involves sending marketing emails, it joins up those emails with other marketing activities to create a wider-reaching, powerful campaign strategy designed for customer engagement, acquisition and retention.

We create a successful EDM marketing strategy by implementing multi-channel campaigns including social media promotion, SMS messaging and offline collateral to communicate and reinforce messaging.

Email Marketing Design

Our email marketing campaigns are designed using rich media content. We employ a range of dynamic motion and interactive digital media combining audio, video and animation, making your emails more interesting and engaging.

We also utilise data gathered such as browsing behaviour and purchase history to inform our personalisation services. Combined with strong calls to action, intuitive email newsletter design, appropriate copy tone and extended social and offline coverage, your message will reach a wider audience.

Strategic Segmentation

Segmentation can have a significant impact on the success of your email campaigns and an EDM marketing strategy. It's often overlooked - in fact, 89% of email marketers don’t segment their email databases, simply opting to 'send to all', instead.

As an experienced email marketing agency, we take a much more nuanced approach. Not segmenting can lead to irrelevant emails being sent to your valued customers. This has the potential to harm your brand with lower open rates and higher bounce, unsubscribe and spam rates.

Email Analytics

Detailed data about the performance of a campaign from your EDM marketing strategy is gathered and analysed by our highly experienced digital marketing specialists. We can discover which emails recipients opened, what they clicked on, what video content they played, which links were followed, who unsubscribed, which emails bounced, the list goes on.

This builds an invaluable knowledge base to gauge the success of your campaigns across the wider business landscape, inform future campaigns and keep your database clean.

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