What is Magento and Magento 2.0?

Magento is a large, open source eCommerce platform that has extensive customisation capability using raw HTML/CSS code. Magento 2.0 is a newer version of Magento, released in 2015 offering enhancements to the original version. When it comes to eCommerce design, Magento 2 development includes being able to offer your business enhanced website performance. This is thanks to heightened provisions when it comes to security and online store loading speeds.

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Why use Magento?

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform and integrates seamlessly with a variety of APIs such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook, providing more intuitive omnichannel experiences. Employing the help of Magento development services means you’ll have a platform that supports a wide range of integrated third-party functions. From CRM to invoicing, inventory management and shipping, you’ll potentially open up huge additional routes to market for your business.

Our Magento Web Development Services

If you’re searching for Magento development services in the UK, look no further than Xigen. As established enterprise Magento developers, we pride ourselves on producing versatile Magento eCommerce solutions that help businesses grow year-on-year. Our certified Magento development team ensures that your eCommerce site is built for optimum performance, conversion rates and reliability.

Key Features

Magento boasts a range of key features appealing to online businesses which rightly helps it to be seen as an eCommerce solution industry leader. Magento 2 offers everything from theme development options to detailed reporting and order tracking.

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Your Magento eCommerce solution can be customised to your exact business requirements

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Advanced Content Management

Magento boasts flexible layouts and advanced drag-and-drop

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Omnichannel Engagement

Customers can purchase via whichever device they’re using, through any channel

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Seamless Integration

All of your eCommerce logistics can be addressed in one place, thanks
to Magento’s integration

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Multiple Languages and Storefronts

With Magento, eCommerce businesses can control a number of storefronts and languages

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Web Services API

This feature makes it simple for development specialists to
integrate web services with the Magento system

Integrated Content Management

Magento has an integrated CMS functionality, creating a powerful eCommerce website

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One-Page Online Checkout

The Instant Purchase option speeds up the checkout process by using saved payment and delivery information

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Integrated 3rd Party Payments

Magento can integrate with
multiple payment gateways

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Magento boasts a robust package
of security measures to offer businesses and customers peace of mind

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SEO Ready

This platform has built in
functionality to ensure your website
is optimised for search purposes

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Integration with Google Analytics

Receive a number of reports thanks
to Magento’s integration with
Google Analytics

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Detailed Reporting

Advanced data capabilities means your business will receive regularly updated automated reports

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Marketing and Promo Tools

Magento’s eCommerce promotion and pricing tools help to
personalise shopping experiences

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Call Centre Order Creation

Business call centres can take customer orders and Magento captures the order with integrated eCommerce tools

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Order Tracking

Customised status labels can be created to track order progress

A fast growing and pioneering Magento Development Company

The proactive Magento development services we provide at Xigen mean we remain ahead of the curve. eCommerce markets are becoming increasingly competitive - and often overcrowded - which means your business requires ongoing support to remain resilient and agile. It's important to us to keep your eCommerce business thriving with Magento. That's why we stay by your side and ensure you're always informed of the latest Magento trends, opportunities and security updates.

Integrated eCommerce Magento Solutions

With Magento, eCommerce integration is a breeze. Using Magento development means we can ensure your ERP will be seamlessly integrated into your platform. Your accounting and inventory management, marketing, customer service and all other eCommerce logistics will be taken care of thanks to Magento’s ultra-flexible capabilities.

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