Why Use Magento?

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers consumers consistently outstanding shopping experiences and gives businesses the tools to analyse and measure eCommerce performance. Our expert Magento design and development teams create bespoke eCommerce solutions that are fast, intuitive and resilient.

Magento is mobile-ready and integrates seamlessly with a variety of APIs, such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook, providing omnichannel shopping experiences. Employing the help of Magento development services means you’ll have a platform that supports a wide range of integrated third-party functions. From CRM to invoicing, inventory management and shipping, you’ll potentially open up huge additional routes to market.

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Magento Web Design Services

Our Magento design process begins with the discovery stage. This enables us to get under the skin of your brand and business, to really understand your eCommerce vision and business goals. The design begins to take form with wireframe prototypes, which enable you to experience the look and feel of your Magento website before development begins.

We design for mobile first, meaning that your Magento eCommerce website will render perfectly on any device.

Magento Development Services

As an established Magento developer, we only build Magento websites that offer consistently outstanding shopping experiences, higher conversion rates, increased customer retention and year-on-year growth.

The development process consists of the frontend Magento team, building highly engaging shopping experiences with intuitive user interfaces and navigational elements, and our backend Magento developers take care of high performance hosting and deployment, as well as ensuring that your Magento website can scale to grow and respond to spikes in traffic flow.

Key Features

Magento offers a range of key features, positioning it as an eCommerce industry leader. Magento offers everything from theme development options to detailed reporting and order tracking.

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Your Magento website can be customised to your specific business requirements

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Advanced Content Management

Magento features flexible layouts and advanced drag-and-drop capabilities

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Omnichannel Engagement

With Magento, consumers can shop through any channel on any device

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Seamless Integration

All of your logistics can be integrated and managed in one place

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Multiple Languages and Storefronts

Extend market reach with multiple storefronts and languages across different global territories

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Web Services API

This feature makes it simple for development specialists to integrate web services with Magento

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Integrated Content Management

Magento has integrated CMS functionality for powerful and easy product and content management

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One-Page Checkout

The Magento Instant Purchase feature allows faster checkout time for higher conversion rates

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Integrated 3rd Party Payments

Magento can integrate with multiple payment gateways to give customers more payment choice

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Magento features a robust package of security measures to give you and your customers peace of mind

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SEO Ready

Magento has built-in functionality to help ensure your website is optimised for higher search engine ranking

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Integration with Google Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your Magento website’s performance with integrated Google Analytics

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Detailed Reporting

Advanced data capabilities mean your Magento business will receive regularly updated automated reports

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Marketing and Promo Tools

Magento’s promotion and pricing tools help to personalise shopping experiences for increased customer engagement

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Call Centre Order Creation

Magento captures call centre orders with integrated eCommerce sales tools

Magento development order tracking icon
Order Tracking

Customised status labels can be created to track and manage order progress

An expert Magento web design and development agency

The proactive Magento design and development services we provide enables us to stay ahead of the eCommerce curve. eCommerce markets are becoming increasingly competitive—and often overcrowded—which means online businesses require highly user-centred webstores with ongoing support to remain engaging, resilient and agile.

As a specialist Magento agency it's important to us to keep your eCommerce business thriving and growing with Magento. That's why our certified Magento web design and Magento development teams will always work with you, to ensure transparency and that you're always informed of the latest Magento features, trends, opportunities and security updates.

Integrated eCommerce Magento Solutions

With Magento, eCommerce integration is a breeze. Using Magento development means we can ensure your ERP will be seamlessly integrated into your platform. Your accounting and inventory management, marketing, customer service and all other eCommerce logistics will be taken care of thanks to Magento’s ultra-flexible capabilities.

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