What is Sylius?

Sylius is an omnichannel eCommerce framework which is designed for precise tailoring – but it’s much more than just brilliant software. This solution for the PHP scripting language is based on the Symfony framework – a set of reusable components around which an entire philosophy of website development has been built. Notably, Sylius is open source and flexible – if you’re planning to develop a brand-new eCommerce site, it could be the perfect solution. This framework’s omnichannel nature means it integrates seamlessly with a variety of APIs including Amazon, eBay and Facebook. Pricing systems, transactions and returns are all streamlined, since these can all be managed in one place. This makes the entire process faster – for your customers, your developers and other teams within your business.

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Why use Sylius?

Put simply, the Sylius eCommerce system is different – it’s more intuitive in design and function, more precise and designed to be more dynamic than earlier solutions. It’s especially popular with start-ups thanks to these properties – whatever your eCommerce goals, Sylius development can help them to become a reality. What’s more, the power of Symfony open source technology can cut the time-to-market, bringing business goals closer to fruition. However, this system isn’t only for start-ups – its modular framework is enviably dynamic, so it’s ideal for eCommerce enterprises looking to take the next step. As your business priorities evolve, Sylius allows your website to evolve with lightning speed. There is deep personalisation capability, since Sylius can be used as a standalone eCommerce platform or tailored from its separate building blocks.

Sylius is a next generation open source eCommerce solution. Built on the renowned Symfony framework, it’s fast and flexible.

At Xigen, our eCommerce development services are brought to you by Sylius specialists. This flexible platform allows our developers to create bespoke websites perfectly tailored to your specific business needs.

Key Features

Sylius boasts a range of incredible features, perfect for the design and development of your eCommerce platform. It has everything from its Symfony framework to its localisation capabilities.

Highly customisable

Your Sylius platform can be customised to your businesses requirements

Advanced browsing options

Offer your customers the capability to filter products more precisely

Symfony framework

Feel the benefits of the fast and flexible capabilities of Symfony

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Highly scalable

Sylius eCommerce offers you the power to scale your business

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Product management

Sylius provides seamless product management for your business

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Inventory tracking

Track your stock levels and manage your inventory with ease

 shop icon

Sell your goods through multiple channels all in one place

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Multiple currencies & exchange

Your business can seamlessly go global with Sylius’ range of currencies and exchange rates

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Omnichannel engagement

Enhance UX by allowing your customers to buy with any device
and through any channel

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Social media integration

Enhance your marketing
possibilities and reach more customers with social media integration

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Built-in eCommerce APIs

Integrate all of your eCommerce technology


Speed up your time to market and lower your total cost of ownership
with Sylius eCommerce

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Multi-source inventory

You have the possibility to create several sources of inventory

globe icon

Scale into new markets with Sylius’ localisation features

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Returns and refunds

You’ll be able to provide seamless returns and refunds to your
valuable customers

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Permissions management

Control who has admin privileges from an advanced permissions management system

Xigen & Sylius

We pride ourselves on building versatile Sylius eCommerce solutions that help businesses to grow and evolve. This is made possible by our team of established in-house Sylius developers, who work hard to ensure your eCommerce solution is built for optimum performance, flexibility and reliability.

eCommerce is an exciting sphere. When your site is already successful, migrating to a sleek eCommerce platform can pay dividends. If your venture is new, being agile and competitive requires ongoing support to break into what is a dynamic and often crowded market. We constantly strive to be proactive in order to arm you with the latest Sylius developments, tools and updates for an eCommerce business which always runs at optimum performance.

Talk to one of our Xigen Sylius specialists to learn how this platform could revitalise your eCommerce business.