Sage Business Cloud People delivers amazing workforce experiences

Sage People is a human resources cloud platform for managing business recruitment, from acquisition and onboarding to training and retaining employees. It enables HR professionals to manage recruitment needs as their organisation evolves and expands.

Service overview

The challenge

We were approached by Sage People to transform their website, to bring it on brand with and to rework some user interface and layout elements, for a fresh new look and improved user experiences.

The previous Sage People website had some outdated UI elements, unintuitive page layouts as well as older colour schemes, fonts and font sizes. We were also briefed to refresh the consolidate user resources and to rework the News
Hub section.

News Hub redesign

The News Hub underwent a major re-think. It was completely redesigned for more engaging UX. This included updated look, revised layout and structural redesign.

News Hub’s new look is on brand with the blog, with the new approach highlighting featured and popular news articles. Events news and PR releases are included here too so that all news can now be found in one place.

User friendly carousels

We included updated carousels, offering users quick and easy access to news, reports, ebooks, articles and other valuable insights. The new carousel design has a lighter look with slicker interface for faster access. This simple addition to the Homepage helps reduce journey friction, increasing user engagement.

Tablet displaying sagepeople website

Quick info tabs

On the Homepage and Product pages three tabs were introduced that enable users to quickly and easily access important information. The tabs take users directly to an Interactive Tour, Latest Research pages and Product Brochure download. The tabs are on top of the page so are always visible to users while they are on the Home and
Product pages.

Sage gathering

Product pages

The Product pages now include new hero images as well as a style rework to bring them in line with A new design layout gives this section a more engaging, user friendly feel, improving user journey. We also updated product child pages to bring the design and layout on brand.

Sagepeople product pages

Push notifications

To help improve engagement we implemented push notifications to notify users when new content becomes available or for other communications, such as new products, articles and events information.

Mobiles browsing sagepeople website

Easier to find resources

We reworked the Resource section so users can now easily find information and data such as case studies, reports, datasheets, videos and white papers. We redesigned the section to bring all resources into one location for consistency and to make finding recourses easier.

New elements were introduced into the Resource section, including page hero banner and imagery. This gives the section a modern look and more cohesive feel, improving UX. Additionally, the Resource section child pages received new, more functional hero banners, with cleaner categorisation and more engaging font styles.

Website transformation projects are always an exciting challenge. Sage provided clear direction and the autonomy required to achieve a great result. We love working with Sage due to the smooth communication and the consistent trust in our expertise knowledge and feedback.

James Pruden
Managing Director, Xigen

Person browsing Sagepeople website on tablet


The Sage People website transformation project enabled us to create some highly beneficial enhancements to UI and layout design, bringing the website not only fully on brand with, but providing more user-centred experiences.