The Art of Storytelling Through Exquisite Motion Graphic Design

As a specialist video marketing agency, we provide our clients with expert services from our studio, including motion graphics animation - but what is motion media design? For this service, our experts use the principles of graphic design for the production of engaging video and animated video.

Engaging Media

Our in-house motion graphic designers know exactly how to captivate and engage your audiences with high-end animation, video and graphics. We create visually stimulating business websites with a combination of creative visuals and skilful storytelling to give your users more engaging browsing experiences.

Enhancing User Experience with Motion Design

As an agency, we offer bespoke motion graphic design that enhances user experiences and optimises conversion rates. From hero designs to infographics to triggered animations, our motion graphics always grab attention, whether that’s to make a big impact or for more intuitive user journeys through your website.

The Power of Social Media Videos

At Xigen, we have video marketing experts who focus on video for social media. With users watching billions of videos per day, social platforms are tuning for ever greater video marketing content. Engaging your audience on social platforms is key to ongoing business success. Our motion graphics and animation design specialists create optimised social video that will bring your EDM campaigns to life.

Captivating Motion Design, Graphics and Animation

Our creative process includes a range of captivating and eye-catching motion design, graphics and animation to engage your audience and help increase conversion, from video and voice overs, to logo animation or sound effects.

2D and 3D Animation Services

We can create compelling 2D and 3D motion graphics with the animation services we offer – calling on years of experience. 2D animation can be anything from the stringing together of a series of images, to illustrations in sequence creating a dynamic movie or message. From our studios, concepts, graphics or products can be further enhanced and represented in words, illustrations, images, or viewed from different angles using 3D animation.

Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are a great way to help people quickly understand a product or service you may offer. From product demos to tutorials to training, as a production company, we’ve got the in-house expertise to produce an outstanding animated explainer video for you and your business.

Video Content Marketing

Video is a fantastic content marketing tool for your brand. This is because videos build trust and help you connect with your customers. Don’t believe us? According to statistics, more than half of consumers say that video gives them more confidence to purchase online.

Social Video Marketing

Whether you’re looking to add a Facebook or YouTube video to your marketing efforts, we can produce refreshing and thoughtful content to promote your brand or product across any social media platform.

Out of Home/Digital Escalator Panels

As a motion graphics agency with a breadth and depth of experience, we’ve produced electronic billboards in high-profile surroundings. From street furniture such as bus shelters to shopping malls and public transport environments, we can create opportunities to capture the attention of individuals and potential customers in a whole host of busy public places.


Motion Design Agency

We are committed to creating visually stunning and engaging motion designs with precision at every step of the process. Our approach begins by consulting our clients to gain insight into their desired motion design must-haves.

We then move on to detailing the motion design process, followed by seamlessly integrating motion graphics in real-time so you get high-quality motion graphics quickly without compromising any quality areas. Finally, post-production allows us to refine and fine-tune the motion graphics and make any necessary adjustments prior to delivery.

2D and 3D Motion Designers

Motion design agencies use both 2D and 3D motion designs to create engaging visual content. In the case of a 2D motion design, our artists will work with flat elements and create motion using a range of animation techniques, while in the case of a 3D motion design, we utilise 3-dimensional models and more advanced animation techniques to build motion into the scene.

Both approaches can be incredibly powerful tools when used correctly; however, 3D motion designs generally require higher production values with more intricate detail, making them better suited for large-scale productions.


Why use a motion design agency

When it comes to motion design, working with an agency is often the best way to go. An experienced motion design agency can bring extensive technical expertise, innovative ideas, and a unique design perspective that could potentially save time and money in the long run.

Furthermore, motion design agencies are adept at staying abreast of the latest trends in motion graphics design, giving them a major edge over those who don't work within an agency setting.

Fast Motion Design

Working with a motion design agency can be a great way to create compelling visuals that reflect the brand aesthetic. Your project will benefit from our team of experts who have extensive experience in motion graphics and technology.

Our cutting-edge tools and systems allow us to provide motion designs that are visually stunning, dynamic, and fully customisable for each individual client. Our motion design services span multiple industries, from advertising and entertainment to sports, retail, and more.


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