A modern and easy-to-use tool to help customers find the perfect heating products

Evohome is a smart heating system designed to help people heat their homes efficiently. It works by dividing each room of the house into a ‘smart heating zone’ that users can control independently.

This means homeowners can set specific controls, leading to a more comfortable indoor climate, a reduced carbon footprint and lower heating bills.

Service overview
  • Bespoke system builder design
  • Creation of unique imagery

The challenge

While Evohome already had a tool designed to help prospective customers find the right Evohome products for their needs, it was in drastic need of modernisation.

Evohome approached us to build a new platform that not only helped people identify the right products but also encouraged them to make a purchase. The aim was to understand people’s needs through a series of carefully chosen questions, providing them with a personalised product recommendation and quote they could take to a local supplier.

The platform needed to be easy to use, simple to navigate, and mobile responsive.

Planning ahead for optimal results

While the Evohome system builder platform sounds simple to use, the technology behind it is highly complex. There were many variables and complicated logic to take into consideration, including a postcode checker at the end of the process.

The Evohome team provided some example layouts to give an idea of how they wanted the new system builder to look, but were happy for us to do what was most effective from a user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) perspective.

We started by meeting with the Evohome team to identify the questions they wanted to ask. These questions included:

  • Are you a homeowner or an installer?
  • How many rooms are there in the home?
  • What is the main heating source?
  • How would you like to control the heating solution?

Once we had the information we needed, we developed a decision tree that guided customers towards the products best suited to their needs. This was thoroughly tested both by us and the Evohome team for accuracy.

As some people using the Evohome system builder were novices when it came to home heating, we developed detailed tooltips and bespoke imagery to help them make the right choices.

It was vital that the Evohome system builder functioned not just on desktop, but also on tablets and mobile devices. We used a ‘mobile-first’ approach to ensure the layout intuitively changed depending on the screen size it was displayed on.

Before launch, we thoroughly tested the platform on a range of mobile devices and web browsers to ensure ease of use and compatibility.

“Designing the Evohome System Builder allowed us to merge creativity with functionality, crafting an intuitive and visually engaging interface for users to customise their smart home. Working closely with the client and our development team and watching the project evolve from initial wireframing into a user-friendly tool that enhances home automation was a source of immense satisfaction. The design team really enjoyed building a modular UI which resulted in a clean consistent design whilst reducing development time.”

Designer, Xigen


At Xigen, we’re passionate about working on projects that challenge us and test our skills. A lot of hard work went into the Evohome system builder, and this work led to fantastic results for our client.

We always say ‘no job too large or too challenging’ at Xigen, and we’re keen to work with clients who feel the same way. If you have a web design or digital marketing project that pushes the boundaries, we’d love to see how we can help.

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