Showcasing Epson’s stunning home projector range in an innovative and interactive module.

An international household name, Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of projectors, printers, and scanners, as well as being a market leader in the robotics industry. The brand is well known for its innovative approach towards imaging technology.

Service overview

The challenge

Epson approached us with an incredibly exciting challenge – to develop a captivating landing page to promote its extensive projector range.

The company’s marketing team had a clear vision. The team wanted to create a smooth navigation experience where customers could explore different rooms of a home and see how Epson’s cutting-edge projectors could be used in each one. The team needed a trusted and experienced specialist to develop this video, so they asked us to get involved.

Brand is extremely important to Epson, and the project needed to be carried out within the company’s comprehensive style guide and brand guidelines.

An exceptional video for an exceptional brand

After meeting with the Epson marketing team to discuss requirements, our team embarked on an immersive journey to craft an exceptional page. This project was the perfect balance between creative vision and technical expertise.

To meet Epson’s requirement for an engaging experience, we used a state-of-the-art zoom-in and zoom-out functionality. This enabled users to effortlessly navigate through various rooms within the video. This interactive feature highlighted the versatility and quality of Epson’s projector range, with direct links to the corresponding product pages.

See the landing page in action

The power of a consistent experience

Epson had two essential requirements on this project, to ensure the content was mobile-friendly and to ensure localisation across all markets.

We adopted a ‘mobile-first’ approach across the project, with thorough testing to make sure the landing page seamlessly adapted to different screen sizes and resolutions. This ensured visitors had the same high-quality experience across desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

As Epson is a global brand, it was imperative that the module resonated with different regions and cultures. Our team meticulously adapted the content, design elements, and user interface, tailoring the experience to specific audiences. This meant the landing page gained an international appeal and fostered a deep connection with potential customers, wherever they were in the world.

“Epson came to us with a detailed and demanding brief, but Xigen’s video specialists were up for the challenge.
This compelling landing page is one of our proudest achievements as a company, and it’s fantastic to see that it has led to positive results for Epson’s international brand.”

James Pruden

Xigen MD


The results

The landing page offered a flawless experience across devices, amplifying reach and providing customers with a consistent, easy-to-use way to discover Epson’s product range. Epson’s digital presence flourished as a result, with users across various platforms able to engage with the brand and explore its projector offerings.

Epson’s collaboration with our web design agency resulted in a stunning and highly effective landing page that showcased the brand’s projectors through an immersive and interactive video experience.

The success of this project reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional web design solutions that drive business growth and encourage customer engagement.

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