Creating an easy-to-maintain, flexible, and feature-rich content management system

Matrix SCM is a neutral vend managed services provider, supplying cloud-based software to help organisations streamline the processes used to recruit and engage agency, temporary, and contingent staff.

The company counts Marie Curie, the City of Cardiff Council, and Westminster City Council among its clients.

Service overview
  • Complete website redesign
  • Website development
  • QA testing

The Challenge

Matrix SCM was looking to refresh its website following a brand redesign. The organisation not only wanted to make the site more visually appealing, but easier to manage and maintain.

As we do in all our web redevelopment and redesign projects, we spent time with Matrix SCM to understand more about their business needs and how they wanted their new website to look. The website would serve a dual function as a sales tool and a means for clients to access the Matrix SCM portal. This meant it was essential that the website was fast, responsive, and mobile-friendly.

A component-based approach

Matrix SCM wanted to use similar elements across its web pages. This would give the website a consistent look and feel, and also make it easier to look after. With this in mind, we went for a component-based approach.

Ready-made elements

TA component-based approach is when a website is built from ready-made elements (or components) that can be easily reused on different pages. Plus, when one component is updated, identical components on other web pages are automatically updated too, saving time and ensuring information is always accurate.


After looking at multiple CMS systems, we agreed that WordPress was the best CMS to use. The most popular content management system in the world, one of the main advantages of WordPress is that it uses blocks to make it easy to create and manage reusable content.

Rigorous QA

Our team of web developers built the components from scratch, which they then added to the relevant pages. Once this was done, the whole website was thoroughly quality-assessed to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Matrix Landing Page


The key criterion for the Matrix SCM website was that it was easy to maintain. When we walked the marketing team through the site, they were pleased with how simple it was to manage and update. We’re happy to see that the team has been adding brand-new news stories and blogs to the website and keeping it updated!

I have enjoyed working with Xigen on our new website to incorporate our brand refresh. We wanted something clean, simple, easy to use and easy to amend. Working with their development team I believe we have created something that meets the brief perfectly. I will definitely be coming back with my next project!

Tracey Butler
Marketing Manager, Matrix SCM