From brief to launch in just two weeks

A new competitor in the DIY and trades marketplace, Roof Shop supplies GRP roofing products online, with next-day delivery across the UK. With an extensive range of roofing supplies and accessories, the company specialises in offering ready-made roofing bundles to make it as easy as possible for people to complete DIY projects.

Service overview

The challenge

With spring approaching, Roof Shop wanted to take advantage of everyone wanting to start DIY projects around the home. As a result, the brand needed to launch its website as soon as possible to maximise sales and revenue – ideally within two weeks.

Roof Shop had approached several digital marketing agencies that couldn't accommodate such a rapid turnaround. However, with extensive experience of working within a tight timeframe and an agile approach to projects, Xigen was up for the challenge.

How to create a website in 14 days

The first step was to determine the scope of work and put together a project plan to ensure that all tasks were accounted for and completed in good time.

There was a lot of work to do. Roof Shop not only needed templates creating and eCommerce functionality, but assistance populating content and search engine optimisation.

We determined which tasks needed to be completed, when, and by whom. We also advised Roof Shop how to help ensure a smooth process, for example, by providing imagery and product specifications. The business was happy for our team to take the lead and let them know what we needed them to do.

While our web developers started creating the new WordPress website, our SEO specialists got to work researching keywords and phrases. Roofing is a competitive niche, and Roof Shop needed to rank for the search terms customers were most likely to use.

On a project with a swift turnaround time, clear communication is vital. Roof Shop was assigned an experienced project manager who provided daily updates on how the website was progressing, and if there were any potential issues.

When the templates were tested and signed off, our team started building the website and creating SEO-optimised content. While we had the in-house capacity to do this, we have a network of dedicated freelancers that we can rely on to offer additional support if needed.

The results

Our team worked right up until the launch deadline, building, checking, and testing the site to make sure it worked as it needed to. As a result, the website launched on time with minimal issues.

Roof Shop was pleased with the end result, especially with the site's loading speed. A fast-loading website is central to the user experience, and also helps with search engine rankings.

Our team was on standby after the launch to add additional information and make any last-minute changes.


Creating and launching an eCommerce website in two weeks is no mean feat. In order to ensure success, you need to plan ahead, understand your target audience, and ensure everyone knows what they are responsible for.

A lot of hard work went into this project, but it was worth it. The Roof Shop team is delighted with the organic traffic they are receiving through SEO, as well as the website's conversion rate.

If you need a new or replatformed site in a short turnaround, we have the skillset and experience to make this happen. Contact us today, and let's see how we can work together.

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