When setting up your drip campaign, offering the same thing the same way is a common mistake.

Each email you send should provide new value. It makes what you do relevant and gets people actually reading rather than looking for the trash button.

Our perceptive marketeers, talented coders, and UX designers can help and advise on several types of drip campaigns relevant to your business or product such as: 

Engagement - keeping your leads engaged throughout the sales process 
Educate - instilling relevant information to prospects to prepare them for purchase
Re-engagement - designed to win back the interest from leads that otherwise might have gone cold
Competitive comparisons - why not target your competitor’s customers, highlighting the advantage of switching to your product
Promos - Limited time-run promotions or special pricing offers

We can help you make it personal and often.
Tailored campaigns targetting prospects with one-to-one messages are part of the sales cycle; together with the frequency of messaging, type of content and how they would like to receive it, all add to the effectiveness of the campaign. We would also regularly evaluate and review your goals, referring to metrics like how often the message is opened, the click-throughs and bounces.

Through drip campaigns, nurturing early stage leads until they are sales-ready and supplying sales teams with continuous leads that are ready to close, help you spend less time pitching and more time closing deals.

Utilising our skills and experience in email marketing, we can help you achieve your full drip campaign objectives.