Mycab approached Xigen to design and develop a new high‑performance, CMS based website.

The original site was in need of re-focusing around it's core offerings, the global transfers, taxi and chauffeur service of corporate travellers.

The website has undergone a full redesign and re-development as it moves away from its legacy platform. We provided new layouts aimed at improving the user journeys across multiple devices and browsers.

The new website is fully integrated with Mycab's booking hub to allow for seamless transitions between two platforms.


There were two main challenges; modernising the brand and streamlining the user journeys whilst retaining the original booking platform.

MyCab device

Full Redesign

…various aspects of the design, ensuring that users were rewarded with a rich experience on mobile, tablet and desktop.

MyCab redesign

Desktop view
Tablet web design example Contact us web design example

SEO Migration

Working closely with their SEO team we were able to help retain and build on the great work that was done previously whilst keeping the site much more accessible and digestible for their users. We’ve seen a multitude of positions improve since the site launch and expect this to improve over the coming months.

SEO migration
Search engine

Search engine and user friendly

We ensure that the pages render quickly in order to improve both the user experience and the search engine optimisation off the new website improving upon the great work that came before and laying the foundations for future growth.