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Why you should avoid machine translation and use a translation agency

chooseing translation agency over machine translation

For businesses that tend to deal with companies from all over the world and even have international franchises, it’s likely that the need for translation will come into play at some point.

Machines have been improving significantly as the years advance, and though they can do amazing things, some things are better left for humans, don’t you think? When it comes to translations, there are certain tones that a machine simply can’t present, they’re just too robotic, while an agency can come up with alternative ways to say something.

Here at Xigen we have the right knowledge and facilities to accurately and effectively translate one language to another. So, if you want to know more about why we think an agency is better than a machine when it comes to translation, read on!

Important Documents

When it comes to important papers, machine translations just won’t do. Legal documents for example, cannot contain any mistakes, therefore using an agency like Xigen, where you know you don’t have to take risks, and where you know accuracy is held at the highest regard is much better than machine. There also needs to be a level of understanding when it comes to legal documents that machines don’t have, everything needs to be in context, otherwise, well it just won’t make sense.

Literal Translation

Although machines are getting better every day, they still haven’t got to grips with every nuance of the human language. Translation still needs that human touch and machines tend to translate each and every word as it is and do not rearrange them so it can make sense. Languages are also complicated, there are certain words or phrases that mean the same things, but a machine wouldn’t know that, but do you know who would? An agency like Xigen. Since humans are the ones translating, we are aware of certain rules that languages have, such as the use of synonyms and homonyms.

Not Every Language is offered

The internet is great it really is, but it does not have everything.  On translating software, you will notice that not every language is available, and that can be very annoying, especially if the document is in urgent need of translation. However, you don’t have to go through that if you use Xigen. Since it’s not going to be your job to do the translating, you can just kick back and leave the work to us. Easy, right?


In more cases than one an agency will hire native speakers to translate, and unless they’re a spy, security shouldn’t be a problem. However, when it comes to machine translators, private information can easily be accessed. Since most machine translations are available online, they are not secure. Google reported that up to 200million people use Google Translate every year, leaving room for hackers to access sensitive information, but no one can hack the human mind, right?

Changing Languages

Languages are constantly developing, think about it, there seems to be brand-new words every year! How is a machine meant to keep up with that? Our translators, however, are able to look at trends and new words that are being introduced and add them to the content if need be.

Machines don’t have feelings

It doesn’t matter how much iRobot and Ex Machina tried to convince us that this is true, robots simply don’t have feelings, therefore if there was a certain emotion or tone that should have been presented, a machine translation will not be able to communicate this. However, when it comes to human translators, we are able to inject some context and fully present what a company is trying to say, emotions and all!


What we will say about machine translations is that they are very cheap, heck even some are free! However, in this case quality and accuracy should definitely surpass price. If you have a lot of content it’s even more likely that the translation will be poor, but with Xigen, a native speaker just has to read then proof read the translated content and you’re all good!

Well there you have it, it’s clear that a translation agency is much better than machine for the various reasons that we have explained, we hope we have convinced you and encouraged you to go for an agency like Xigen next time you want to translate some content!

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