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Why bother with translation?

Why bother with translation

What’s the point when everyone speaks English? This is something you hear a lot when you work in translation. It’s far from the truth though with some reports claiming that only around a fifth of the world’s population actually do speak the language. This fact alone should make the need for translation seem more genuine than it does to many but why exactly is it so important that you don’t overlook it as you expand your business?

Improved attitude amongst your customers

Even if someone does speak English, they will most likely be impressed if effort has been taken to localise a website or translate relevant documentation into their language. It will make them feel like valued customers because they are being targeted in their own language and this will no doubt lead to a more positive, healthy relationship with your business.

However, it’s important that the translations are accurate or it could risk alienating the consumer even further as they recognise that the content wasn’t originally written for them, and sufficient effort has not been taken to make it accessible to them—the bad impression that poor translations leave them with may even stop them from doing business with you at all. Our transcreation services move away from traditional word-for-word translation so that you can ensure the exact message your brand conveys here is reflected amongst your new audience.

Better understanding of your service/product

Naturally, if the information about what it is you do or sell is provided in a language your reader knows, they have a much better chance of fully understanding it. This should lead to more customer engagement and hopefully more chances of following through those all-important calls to action.

A Common Sense Advisory survey in 2012 found that 72.4% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language and 42% never purchase products or services in other languages. That’s 42% of the market you could be missing out on!

Good translations become particularly important when it comes to assembly instructions and user manuals because an incorrectly translated word could mean a product does not work as it should and the effects of this may, in some cases, be fatal.

We guarantee that all translation projects are carried out by an experienced translator and independent proof-reader, as well as being overseen by a dedicated project manager to ensure the highest quality standards are met at all times.

More chances of you being found

By rendering your content in other languages you also improve your chances of rankly highly in search engine optimisation. This is important to consider if you want to attract customers on an international scale because they will not necessarily be searching for the literal translation of the English. They may not even be using Google but rather the main search engine in their country and so it’s important that they can find you through that.

Once we’ve localised your website into the right languages, Xigen can help you with multilingual search engine optimisation by finding the appropriate keywords in the target locales.

If you’re convinced that having your online assets and printed materials in English is not enough, contact us today to discuss your translation, localisation and transcreation requirements.

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