Creative, fun-loving cosmetics

Models Own beauty and make-up products, supplied into well-known high street and online stores.

Our goal was to support Models Own in the continued development of their eCommerce solution, providing reliable business level support, website improvement recommendations and execution for the growth of their global webstore.

Service overview

Models Own Store Interior


To develop, implement and support a bespoke, end-to-end eCommerce solution, re-hosting the application. Because we needed to integrate a new eCommerce solution with Models Own's existing system, we had to ensure that the transformed eCommerce solution was implemented seamlessly without interrupting the business's day-to-day operation.

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Clothes and tablet visiting Models Own site

Website transformation

We used more white space on the transformed website to give an uncluttered, boutique-like feel. New larger, high resolution images gave a fresh, confident look. We used softer and bolder versions of the same colours to clash and chose big lettering to reflect the brash, fun nature of the Models Own brand.

The new website featured predictive search, vital to narrow down the thousands of products on the site, enabling users to quickly find the right products. We also ensured that the website was optimised for mobile, making it easier for consumers to interact with the site, reducing friction in their journey to purchase.

Models Owns website long screenshot

Models Own site viewed on a tablet and a mobile

Bespoke eCommerce

We migrated Models Own's existing PHP Application from a Windows Multi-Server Stack to a Linux based single server LAMP stack. This increased website performance by over 300% and reduced web hosting costs by 50%.

The migration to a Linux hosting environment gave consumers more satisfying user experiences, with faster page load and quicker checkout times. Smoother consumer journeys improved engagement, helping to lift sales.

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Optimised conversion.

We tested UI and keywords for improved conversion rates giving Models Own higher search engine ranking with improved visibility and relevancy to audiences, driving traffic to the webstore.

Our conversion rate optimisation specialists compiled user behavioural data with tools such as heat maps and recordings of live user interactions to discover which page elements performed the best, replacing poorly performing elements and testing new ones.

SEO and CRO made Models Own's new webstore more findable in searches and improved UX for consumers, better guiding them to action and conversion.

SEO and CRO made Models Own’s new eCommerce website more findable in searches and improved UX for consumers, better guiding them to action and conversion.





improved site performance

reduced web hosting costs