Primal Pictures provides cutting-edge anatomical images that captivate and educate, answering the need for better understanding of human anatomy to advance health science

Devoting hundreds of thousands of hours in advanced research and development, Primal Pictures’ experts created the world’s most medically precise and detailed reconstructions of human anatomy from real scan data. Primal’s extraordinary images bring clarity and evidence-based accuracy for teachers, learners and the mastery of anatomy and physiology.

Service overview

The challenge

Primal Pictures was concern that its website wasn’t performing as well as it could. The challenge for us was to identify where layout, copy and user interface (UI) issues might be creating friction in user journeys. The challenge was to transform the website so that it offered more intuitive navigational elements and was optimised for SEO and conversion.

Getting the message across

The first concern for us was that it was taking too long for users to grasp Primal’s mission, to understand what it is that Primal does. We redesigned the homepage with a new hero image, stripped out copy and reworked the layout to be simpler and less cluttered. This focuses user attention on a single message, ‘The Leading 3D Anatomy Resource’, with a simple ‘try for free’ CTA button beneath.

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"Primal was a great project for us. It showcases the huge difference a website makeover can have, without needing to completely redesign. Tuning the website for maximum visual impact gives Primal's message the punch it was lacking. We're particularly pleased with the work on Primal's bespoke eCommerce integration—it was a challenge that our eCommerce development team rose to and implemented perfectly!"

James Pruden
Managing Director, Xigen

The Hub

We merged the existing Case Studies and Events sections so that insights and information could be found in a single place. This became the new Hub section, which now includes news, case studies, events and blogs, filterable by subject. Having this engaging content discoverable in one place means that Primal’s users no longer have to go looking for it, creating smoother, more intuitive UX.

Primal Pictures are delighted with their website transformation,
with improved brand projection and more outstanding user experiences.

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Focused customer support

The new website needed a dedicated customer support section to direct users to the information that they want. This replaced the old FAQ section with a more comprehensive user resource that includes: ‘Help’, which clearly lists and links to Primal’s products and features, a ‘Webinars’ section that shows ‘Anatomy.TV‘ learning resources, and an updated FAQ split into questions by area: ‘Common’, ‘Faculty’, ‘Student’, ‘Practitioner’ and ‘Anatomy.TV‘.

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Improved optimisation

Using a variety of strategies, we tested UI and keywords for improved conversion rate and higher search engine ranking. Tools such as SEMrush enabled our SEO specialists to better understand what range of keywords and phrases would be needed for Primal to improve its visibility to relevant audiences, driving traffic to the website.

Our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) specialists complied user behaviour data with tools such as heat maps and recordings of live user interactions to discover which page elements performed the best, replacing poorly performing elements and testing new ones. SEO and CRO make the new website more findable in searches and improves UX for visitors to the site, guiding them to action and ultimately to subscribe.

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Flexible eCommerce

We needed to provide a smooth eCommerce experience to Primal’s customers, given that there are different subscription prices for different audience segments, such as students. We needed to find a way to validate learners so they were able to access a student concession. We ensured student validation by using SAP codes (Transactional codes) depending on their university or college.

This eCommerce solution was integrated with Primal’s existing eCommerce architecture, so we had to ensure that the subscription model worked seamlessly. We were able to do this completely avoiding any adverse impact on the existing eCommerce application.

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Transforming a website, whether brochure website or eCommerce website, doesn’t necessarily require a complete overhaul. Taking existing elements and making them work smarter, better tuned to your audience, can significantly lift performance. As the Primal Pictures website transformation shows, altering page layout and UIs can reduce friction, and optimised page elements such as text, images and videos can increase user engagement.

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