Designing Impactful Infographics & Online Brochures

Xigen is an infographic design agency, specialising in online brochure design and the creation of responsive web design infographics. We adopt a bespoke approach in order to produce tailored visuals and clearly communicated copy to captivate your audience.


Captivating Audiences

Our design experts understand how to captivate and engage audiences with infographics and online brochures in ways that give you a professional edge. Our design expertise will help you to grow your brand and awareness of your products, services or statistics. We design beautiful online brochures and responsive infographics for some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Visually Stimulating

At Xigen, our team of in-house digital marketing specialists design and create powerful, impactful online brochures and infographics. Our expertise in graphic design, data interpretation, typography and storytelling will serve to engage your audience and help to take your brand to the next level. Without this, it can be easy to produce work that isn’t engaging for the reader.

Clear Communication

We have a design team that creates dynamic brochures and infographics, clearly communicating information and insightful marketing messages to your audiences online. Our online brochure designs persuade potential customers to engage with your brand. We design infographics that make complicated ideas quickly understandable.

Infographic and Online Brochure Examples

At Xigen, we have produced impactful infographics and the design of engaging online brochures for some of the most reputable brands. Get in touch and speak to one of our design specialists if you would like to see examples of our infographics, or our online brochures.

Ensuring your infographics and online brochures speak a thousand words

There are three steps to success when it comes to the design of visually stimulating, clear and informative infographics and online brochures. They are ensuring your branding is truly represented, that everything we design is unique to your business and that our web design is responsive when it comes to your infographics.


We ensure your personality flows through every online brochure and infographic we design. Through creative visuals our digital design specialists define and project your brand, captivating and informing your audience.

Online Marketing Brochure Design

Every one of our infographics – and also each of our online brochure design marketing projects – is unique. Our digital design team offers an exciting and visually engaging bespoke service according to your business and brand requirements.

Responsive Web Design for Infographics

The evolving digital world means our infographics need to be ready for everyone on any digital platform. For that, we ensure we use responsive web design. With responsive thinking at the forefront of our mind, it allows us to prepare the best visual experience for every audience, on any device.

Infographics and Online Brochures Articles

Discover the latest online marketing news and learn more about brochures and infographics with our insights centre. For more information, get in touch with our infographic design agency specialists today.