The client

Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers and imaging equipment for education and business. Epson was a pioneer of computer printer technology and today continues to innovate in print, scan and projection technologies, making its products available throughout the world.

Service overview

Epson OOH Print Design

The Challenge

Epson approached us to create collateral for a campaign to promote its EcoTank range of printers to schools and universities in three cities across Tunisia. The challenge was to get the message out about EcoTank printers in a ‘back to school’ context to consumers with school-age children and university students, to create marketing collateral that would have the highest impact and be appropriate for the territory.

Epson wanted to project the message that EcoTank printers are ideal for education needs, offering a more environmentally friendly printing solution that’s value for money—EcoTank does not require expensive ink cartridges and is supplied in this campaign with 17,000 pages of ink.

The work

The campaign was delivered using a mobile billboard truck. The truck featured a large billboard on its two longer sides showing printed campaign text and images. The Epson EcoTank branding was prevalent on the two boards, the back of the truck and as transfers on the cab body. This ensured that Epson and EcoTank branding were prominent and that the campaign message was well projected.

The billboard truck travelled around three cities visiting schools, campuses and high footfall business areas. The images on the billboards were of school students wearing backpacks and carrying books to reinforce the educational, ‘back to school’ message.

Both billboards showed an image of an EcoTank printer with ink refill bottles, displaying in text the value for money.

Ecotank Vans Large Design Print
EcoTank Van Print in School
Ecotank Truck Print Campaign
EcoTank Back to School Campaign
Epson Truck OOH Print
EcoTank School Van
Print Designs for EcoTank Billboards
OOH Print Designed Van
Complete Print Design Layout For OOH Van
Epson Ecotank Artwork Designs
Epson EcoTank Truck Side Print
Epson EcoTank Truck Side Print


Epson was delighted with the campaign collateral that we created and considered the campaign a great success. We understand the value of OOH campaign (print and digital) as an important component of an overall marketing strategy.

We know that as populations grow, OOH is becoming more powerful. While other media are fragmenting, OOH keeps broadcasting and gaining audiences—research from Nielsen shows that 86% of people agree that OOH advertising makes brands stand out.

Every marketing campaign must be optimised for the greatest impact on its intended audience, and it’s no different for OOH. The people shown in any campaign must be authentic, to reflect the local population and culture, and copy should be in local language. For this Tunisia campaign the billboard copy was in French and the young people pictured were of North African Arab heritage.

Intelligent and sensitive localisation is vital with all marketing collateral, especially when cross-culture, either appealing to many audiences or tailored for a very specific audience segment. Getting localisation, and transcreation, right can engage whole new audiences for businesses and brands, opening up new and lucrative routes to market.

“Our creative team love working on OOH projects, especially where they are a bit different from the normal 48 sheet billboard. Epson provided a clear brief and allowed us to come up with creative solutions in response. Epson’s EcoTank proposition has so many clear advantages, it’s a delight to be able to help spread the message as well as the environmental and cost savings associated with the technology.”

James Pruden
Managing Director, Xigen

What could OOH marketing do for your business?

You may have your online marketing strategy well in hand, but have you considered how a bespoke OOH strategy could benefit your business and reach lucrative, untapped audience segments? Our localisation and transcreation services ensure that our OOH marketing collateral (both print and digital) connects with local audiences. Well executed and well-placed OOH campaign can help increase brand integrity and have a tangible impact on ROI. Contact us for a chat with one of our OOH marketing specialists to find out how we can help your business and brand reach a wider audience.

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