Epson’s acclaimed art reproduction service, Digigraphie® , needed a website overhaul

We created a new look, features and cutting-edge backend mods. Digigraphie is a certified large format printing process, enabling artists to produce incredibly high-quality limited edition prints of their work.

It’s a marque of excellence and authenticity that meets a specific criterion set and has strict uses. Digigraphie limited edition artworks are signed and embossed by the artist, with prints guaranteed to last at least 60 years, with a 100-year expectation.

Service overview

The challenge

We began supporting the Digigraphie website in 2012, when the first iteration of the site was rebuilt on a new platform. Epson approached us to fully refresh the Digigraphie site, bringing it up to date with modern styling and features, and some backend servicing, to better showcase artists’ work and to offer users a more engaging browsing experience.

Higher resolution photographs

New feature photos were added to the site, giving a fresh, clean look. These larger, high res’ images set the tone for the Digigraphie brand, as a specialist photographic and visual arts reproduction service.

Lower Antelope Canyon
Digigraphie Tablet

Faster more focused search

Artist search is one of the main user interface features on the site. This was in need of updating so we reworked the process. Users are now able to filter a search of the 3325 artists currently on the database by several criteria including artist name, nationality, print lab and type of work.

Faster Search

New lightboxes

To view artists’ work on the website we developed new, modern light boxes, which showcase high res’ artwork images. This enables users to easily browse, view and compare
artists’ work.

The new, improved user interface makes finding artists’ work and its location much easier.

Backend development

We worked extensively on the website’s infrastructure, upgrading for greater security and reliability using the latest coding standards and cutting-edge backend technologies. This makes user experiences smoother and safer.

Laptop with camera

Going forward

As well as redesigning the look and some user interface elements of the Digigraphie website we have also taken on localisation, future development and ongoing support, giving Epson and the Digigraphie brand a full-service experience to keep the new-look website at peak performance, better connecting people with Digigraphie artists.

Digigraphie Large prints
Photographer advertising their images Promoting and Selling your images and art

Is your website offering users easy, intuitive experiences?

The new website design has helped artists share their work and connect people seeking their art, for business and for pleasure.

Every website needs to be regularly audited and appraised, to identify where design and UI improvements can be made, and where SEO and conversion rate optimisation can be implemented. If you would like to find out how we can improve your website's performance get in touch for a chat with one of our digital design and eCommerce specialities.

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