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By combining our knowledge of EDM marketing technology with experience in email design and marketing strategy, we endeavour to get you closer to your potential audiences.

Cocoa and cornflakes. We all love an intriguing subject line, don’t we?
With the stratospheric rise of smartphones, emails are now checked from first thing in the morning to just before going to bed, creating whole new environments and opportunities. While optimising the time and day emails are sent may improve your results, the catchiness and appeal of an engaging subject line still has great influence and drawing power.

Curiosity may kill the cat but it’s data that delivers.
Pay-per-click campaigns, social media, offline advertising and remarketing advertising all play their parts in communicating and reinforcing your campaign message or promotion. And, of course, mass communications provide you with usable data: who viewed, where viewed and at what time viewed. We can help you set-up, gather and assess these analytics, assist you with future promotions, campaigns, and planning, thereby helping you calculate edm marketing benefits from your return-on-investment.

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