Find out how localisation and transcreation can open new and lucrative markets.

Understanding the differences

Translation, localisation, transcreation.


Language translation doesn’t just replace one language for another, word-for-word. The process is more nuanced, taking grammar and idiom into account. Some countries have different cultural references, metaphors and general worldview, making certain English phrases problematic or even impossible to translate literally. This is where our creative translation experts come in.


Localisation is a process that accounts for things such as differences in metrics, colour schemes, pricing, images and everything else that might have meaning, to ensure it fits the target culture. For example, Chinese people would be shown in images on a Taiwanese website and women’s heads might be covered in the images on an Arabic website. We ensure the target culture is always dominant.


Transcreation takes the way a marketing message is communicated in one language and culture, and totally reimagines it in another. This ensures that the central meaning in the message hits home in the target culture. Translation and localisation adapt existing content while transcreation starts new, from brief. For example, if the message is ‘our brand is cool’ then the idea of what constitutes ‘cool’ will differ to degrees between cultures. We ensure that our transcreated content is optimised for the target cultural.

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