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Translating your brand voice

Translating your brand voice

Expanding your business on an international scale can be a daunting prospect but Xigen is here to help continue your success wherever you’re heading next! We know the impact good translations can have on a campaign by ensuring your brand identity resonates in different cultures.

Transmitting the message

It’s no good just translating word-for-word, you need a translator to understand your mission and then reproduce the overall message of your marketing in the target language. Our transcreation services are perfect for advertising copy such as taglines, email marketers and brochures. We only use native speakers, based in the target locale, so you can be sure that they know the market inside out, and will produce transcreated content that really speaks to their audience.

Tone of voice

A translator should get to grips with the sort of language your company uses to address its customers, and pitch the target language version accordingly, whether formal and wordy, or more casual and to-the-point. The aim of transcreation is to engender the same emotional response from the reader, whatever the language. The more you can tell us about your business the better, so ToV/brand guidelines or reference materials from previous campaigns are always welcome!

Cultural adaptation

There’s more than just the text to think about when it comes to producing target-specific content. Our localisation team will ensure that any imagery and references are appropriate in the other culture, and the layout, whether in print or online, works for the new reader.

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