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Print design vs digital signage

Print Design vs digital signage

The ways companies communicate is changing. Digital signage is the new hip guy in town and more and more companies are making the switch. The power that HD digital signage has on their branding message is amazing.

Digital signage gives companies the ability to arrange, schedule and fly content based on either the time of day or even facial recognition. Digital signage provides radiant colours, rich blacks and finally LED and LCD technology that gives the ability to play animations, videos and interactive messages. It completely opens up a new realm of communication.

In a world where we once had fixed billboards, with different pictures and messages, comes digital signage. Now we can change the content of the billboards with the click of our fingers, and all at a fraction of the cost.

Digital Signage does an excellent job of engaging the audience. Every business knows that solid marketing is the key for business growth. The interactive displays that digital signage offers are much better than a traditional printed ad. So, it’s no wonder companies are looking to digital signage, it’s a no-brainer for organisations globally.

Here at Xigen we believe that going digital in this day and age can only ever benefit businesses. We provide digital signage that encompasses your brand message and are tailored to increase business growth and brand recognition!

So why do businesses decide to switch to digital signage?

Engaging Content

Look around you, everyone is using a digital display of some sort, if it’s not a phone, it’s a computer, and if it’s not that it’s a tablet. Heck you’re probably reading this article on a digital display right now! People are touching and engaging with their screens every single day!

That’s why digital signage makes so much sense! There are extremely popular retail locations where companies are literally interacting with their customers. They do this by actually talking to customers through the screen, or for example, showing images of certain clothes for sale, and instead of customers going to the actual store to try on the clothing, they simply stand in front of the screen while the clothing is placed virtually on them! Now that will get people talking.

The urge to engage with customers is the reason why digital signage has risen in popularity over the few years. The possibilities are endless and giving customers a chance to be part of your brand story, gives your company a face and makes it more personal!


The cost of printing an ad, renting a billboard, then hiring workers to put the ad on the billboard is just far too high, so in the long run it seems digital signage pays better. This is because you don’t need to hire anyone and gone are the days where you need to print and reprint, you just simply change what’s on the screen and viola, your done!

Real-Time updates

With print design, if you notice a typo, or something just doesn’t look quite right, then you’ll have to tear it down. However, with digital signage, just change it, and with real-time updates everything is instant. Not only is this quick and easy, it also saves you so much more money as the process of printing out another ad does not need to be repeated. Please someone show us the down sides!

As you have learned, digital signage is miles better than print design. If you were considering looking to digital signage, we hope our article gave you a little encouragement. It’s really very simple, and we at Xigen are here to help enable you use it’s full potential to expand and promote your business!

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