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How to extend your reach with global translation services

How to extend your read with global translation services

If you have just recently started your business then the thought of going global can either intimidate or excite you. You’ll probably want to focus on your national area first but don’t limit yourself. Businesses have the potential to thrive globally as well as nationally, so if you are thinking about going global with your business, then you should be thinking about translation.

Here at Xigen we are all about giving, so we are going to give you some tips and tricks on you can extend your reach with global translation. With this you can take your business further than you ever expected. Curious? Well, read on to find out more!

Why would a company look into translating content?

When you’re a global company, it’s guaranteed that you will be communicating with different countries. As you know communication is key so translating content makes it much easier to aid a partnership with someone overseas. It can also help you to expand your market and sell your products globally as well as nationally.

Infiltrating a new market

There are many ways businesses try to infiltrate a new market. From just slowly introducing their products in a new country to targeting a new audience. Most businesses also use analytics to try and introduce a new product in a new country. They can look at their competitors who have sold a similar product in that country, and they use that information to try sell their product there. However the business decides to infiltrate, language and translation always comes into play, and it can either make or break you.

To expand globally, businesses tend to focus on the characteristics of the new audience they want to reach. Introducing your business to new countries can be tough, so translation needs to be done right the first time.

An incorrect translation can lead to offended citizens and it can make your business look very unprofessional. You want to ensure that your business gets every translation just right, because first impressions do matter. With the help of Xigen you can get it right first time, every time!

Translating Important Documents

Expanding your company means important documents will need to be translated. This includes documents containing information about technology, finance, law, engineering and other essential topics, and since the documents are extremely important and mistakes are not permitted, the best thing to do is to consult professionals.

If you have a lot of documents, then translating them could pose as a huge challenge, lucky for you there are companies like Xigen that actually specialise in global translations services, so they can definitely help.

When using an agency with high standards like us here at Xigen, the results are bound to be accurate as a native speaker would be used to help translate them. Using machines when translating documents that contain sensitive material leaves you vulnerable, and it is possible that someone could hack whatever site you’re using and release all of that information.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When and how can a business use a translation service?

  • When a small business is trying to extend their reach, though they might not have much to spend, if they spend the money they do have on the right things, then can grow and eventually become a medium sized company.
  • If a company has already been established in several countries, then websites and newsletters need to be translated to the languages that are spoken.
  • If you are a start-up company you can still increase your reach by making your website available for translation so your website can be understood by different people.
  • One popular case that translation is needed when it comes to home appliances. If a company provides their product all over the world, the manual needs to be translated so people can understand how to put it together or use it.

So it’s clear that using a global translation service like Xigen is vital if you are thinking about expanding your business and if you want to stay above your competitors. If you want to expand your business, then we can certainly help, you can contact us and tell us exactly what you are looking to get!

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