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Xigen were approached to maintain and improve upon the high quality marketing materials currently in circulation to engage lounge users and potential partners.

Priority Pass provide high quality, relaxing environments for travellers at a large number of airports around the world where members can enjoy a stress-free wait to board their plane. With facilities on offer that include food, drink, WiFi and more.

Service overview

The challenge

Priority Pass wanted to improve the marketing materials they currently used to both encourage new members to sign up and the retention of existing members.

We were asked to provide traditional and digital media that would both catch the eye and be memorable at some of their lounges around the world. With places like China, Dubai and the USA to be catered for, we applied our transcreation principals to ensure that the appeal was universal.

Luxurious Passenger Lounge
Airplane window view of landmark Champagne poured into glass

Printed media

The printed media supplied had to be high quality and on brand. Leaflets, brochures, and tent cards were just part of what was needed. All had to encourage the reader to get involved and enjoy the benefits of membership.

With the potential to be seen all around the world in a huge number of languages, everything needed to be exactly right for the client. From the quality and colour of the print finishing, through to the design, layout and even the language used in the leaflets and brochures, no detail was left to chance which resulted in an extremely high-quality result.

Three priority pass brochures stacked on top of each other
Single priority pass brochure opened
Single priority pass brochure closed showing front page
Priority pass brochure opened with page being turned
Person holding up market research on poster

“It’s always good to work with a client that values quality artwork and products. The huge scope of the project was something that I couldn’t pass up without giving my fantastic team the chance to shine.”

James Pruden
Studio Director, Xigen

Assorted of neatly arranged priority pass literature in various languages

Digital media

The email needed to immediately engage the reader and encourage them to keep reading. The style had to be informative but presented in a way that made it interesting. With a large amount of information to supply, the risk that the recipient wouldn’t read all of it was high. The text was broken up with appropriate images and calls to action, styled using the Priority Pass branding. With an easy to read, mobile friendly layout.

priority pass entire email stretched vertically advertising services

With digital communication being the main point of contact for every company wanting your attention, Priority Pass wanted an email experience that was exceptional.

Mobile showing Priority Pass website and mobile showing welcome email to customer

Transforming the airport experience from an endurance test into a moment of indulgence

There were also the digital media screens that were to be used to entice members in to the lounges. These would be used to advertise offers and discounts outside various retailers signed up to the scheme. They needed to be attractive to entice customers to get interested in them, and recognisable as Priority Pass membership benefits. As this involved moving media, it was also important to convey a sense of relaxation for the traveller, the same sense that Priority Pass encourages all it’s members to enjoy.

Man reading priority pass website on tablet in airport lounge


The vast range of media and output needed to be created, and the broad scope of the brief meant that we could let our creative juices run wild! Nothing excites us more than to get our teeth into such a diverse and extensive project, especially for a client that expects us to meet and exceed our own extremely high standards.

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