Premium support guarantees that urgent tasks are started within 2 hours

We pride ourselves on providing the best client support in the industry. And now we’ve taken that support a stage further by offering a premium support service for when you need work done fast.

We understand that no matter how well plans are made, sometimes support is needed straight away to achieve a goal or manage an issue. Premium support is designed to deal with those urgent requirements quickly and effectively, guaranteeing that work will begin within 2 hours.

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Rapid response
Rapid response

With premium support we guarantee that your task will be started within just 2 hours of the request.

Exclusive service
Exclusive service

To ensure that premium support doesn’t negatively impact standard support services we cap the amount of premium support time available to buy each quarter.

Prioritised tasks
Prioritised tasks

Once you book in a premium support task, it will skip the standard support queue and become our priority.

Increase flexibility
Increased flexibility

Giving your business the flexibility to react fast to urgent issues and unforeseen circumstances.

No contracts
No contracts

No contract tie-in. Simply buy as much or as little available premium support time as you like.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Premium support gives you peace of mind knowing that if things go critical you’ve got it covered.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between premium support and standard support?

Premium support is a queue skip service that enables you to get important tasks done faster.

How much quicker is premium support than standard support?

We guarantee that premium support tasks will begin within 2 hours of their request.  Completion time estimates are given for individual tasks. 

Why is premium support time capped in each quarter?

Premium support is capped at 10% of our studio capacity. This enables us to guarantee the premium service for clients who need it, without impacting on standard support jobs—we will never over promise and underdeliver.

Will my standard support tasks be affected if I don't choose to buy premium support?

Absolutely not. Premium support does not slow down standard support tasks.

How much does premium support cost?

Premium support costs £105 per hour.

How much premium support time will I need to buy?

It’s up to you. 1 hour is the minimum and you can purchase as much time as you like, within the quarterly cap.

Will my premium support time expire?

Unused premium time rolls over quarterly and is valid for a full 12 months after purchase.

How do I buy premium support?

Contact your account manager or project manager in the same way as you would with standard support, or complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss next steps.