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Nov 04, 2016

Working as a team in and out of the studio

Since Xigen started over a decade ago, it has continued to grow and during that time there has been a real emphasis on creating a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and to ensure we are working together as a team. This has been helped by activities outside of work such as football, the Bedford Raft Race, running and evenings out.



5-a-side football has become a regular thing after work once a week for over a year now. Played amongst ourselves on a Tuesday night in a local sports hall, we've taken a real light-hearted approach to it which has seen most of the studio take part at least once with many being regulars playing each week.

Since we began playing regularly, many of us have seen significant improvement in skill and fitness. Regular exercise has so many benefits to everyday life but ultimately everyone enjoys playing and we try to keep it fun by mixing up the teams and being flexible with the rules to create a more inviting and enjoyable game.

Raft Race

In July this year, Xigen also took part in the Raft Race at the Bedford River Festival. A team was picked earlier in the year and they began to build the raft in the vacant office downstairs. This required some meticulous planning from the design team as the team set up some meetings after work to discuss the initial planning process, design of the raft, purchasing the parts and decorations and then began work building the raft itself.

Here's the team on the day of the race posing for a photo before the madness begun:

Xigen team in the raft race

The actual race was a huge success with the team making it through the heats and into the final. The raft managed to survive both races with everyone on board intact too (apart from a few eggs being thrown at them by competitors!) and it was a great day out for the team too on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

Here's an action shot of the team actually in the water in the heats:

Xigen team in the raft race

We've put together a video, which was filmed using a GoPro, and can be seen on our Facebook page here:


For several months now we have also been doing running sessions one evening a week after work. Once again this is a great health benefit and we adhere to everyone's running level to try and get as many people involved and build up their fitness.

Some of us have gone from barely being able to run a mile to completing their first 10km in a little over a month's time. The improvements have been so great that a few of us have entered in a local half marathon which is at the end of October. It's not quite been as popular as the football but running isn't for everyone after all!

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