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Jun 19, 2017

The true cost of software development

If you are a start-up company with little to no experience and knowledge in software development, then the chances of you doing your own development, are slim to none. But then you know that, that’s why you’re reading this article.

Unless you have a really small project on your hands, then software development might be a bit more expensive than you would expect. However, you should not be paying senseless prices, there are many factors you should consider before you start spending an insane amount of money.

At Xigen we know that with quality comes expenses, no matter what it is. A good software development company will offer prices based on what they think their quality is worth, so cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better! Some companies do over charge, but not us at Xigen. We offer the fairest prices for software development while providing the highest quality. Sounds good, right? Why not contact us to find out more!

Anyway, there is no specific price that every company pays for software development, like we mentioned before, there are many factors that are involved, and in our article, we will be discussing them!


Software Development cannot be learned in a day, it takes time and skill that only a small percentage of people have. It is a complicated process that requires practise, everything built using software development has so many different components, so it’s pretty difficult. Software development is an ever-changing industry, so software developers should always be keeping up with it. They should have the knowledge to know how all the dozens of components fit together. All of the skills are not easy to acquire, so they don’t come cheap.


Good and experienced web developers always increase efficiency. This includes finding pieces of code that could be isolated and turned into modules that can be used again in future projects. There are many tools available that can make software development easier or more efficient. Knowing some of these tools and how they function separates the average developer from the advanced developer. Problem solving and deductive reasoning should come naturally to someone who consider themselves a developer, and someone who does not have these skills, might not be as good as you want them to be.

Inexperienced software developers cannot code as quickly and as well as a great software developer. Inexperienced developers will present half-baked projects and won’t think twice as long as it’s working on the surface. They never ensure the core of the development is perfect as well as the surface.

Experience should always be in the back of your mind when looking for a software development. To find out how much experience they have, you should look at portfolios and past work they have done to see if it’s as good as they claim. Once these are shown to you and you’re happy, then add them to the list. However, don’t make the final decision just yet.

Low Priced Software Development

Like we mentioned earlier, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. The disadvantage of low priced software development is that it gives an element of lack of experience and talent. Companies that offer too-good-to-be-true prices may simply be trying to scam you by increasing the price at later dates or deliberately doing things wrongs so they charge you more when you carry on using their services.

Always ensure you feel safe in the amount of money you’re paying, and you should know what you are paying for! So, you know whether you’re getting ripped off or not.

You get what you pay for

If you decide to hire a cheap web development company, then you should be prepared for lots of mistakes and deadlines not being reached. This will more than likely result in more time, money and updates, and don’t forget about all the business you might lose because of faulty software. On the other hand, if you spend more on something like software development, you should expect better performing software, and though it might seem expensive at the start, it’s cheaper in the long-run as updates and repairs might not be as frequent and everything will run much more smoothly.

Once you have found a company that hits all the points mentioned in this article, then you should look at their prices. If you have a moderately classed project at hand, then the average cost should be about £11,700 but if you are looking for something a little more advanced, then you should be running into prices like £390,199, but remember these are just averages, companies might offer cheaper or even more expensive prices. As long as the quality is there, then choosing a company at the end of the day should be easier

Well unfortunately like we mentioned, there isn’t one specific price you should be paying for software development, just consider all the factors we mentioned before, and make your decision based on that, and you should be fine! We really hope we gave some insight in what you should be expecting from a high-quality software development company like Xigen, and how much you should expect to pay!