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Jan 25, 2012

How Social Media Can Boost Your Business

Get a blog or blog more!Having a blog can help you tell you clients or customers more about your business, what you're getting up to, what you're planning on doing and just about anything else really, but only if you use it. Finding that time to spend an hour writing 500 words or so, checking it and uploading it can be a struggle sometimes, but in the end, it can be time very well spent. If you're blogging about the right stuff and getting people to read it, this can only be a good thing.

Attracting your audience is extremely important so doing things like handing out offers only to people who read your blog could take you a long way and provide you with more business.

At Xigen, we can set you up a WordPress blog extremely easily, attached to your website and will make things a lot simpler for you. Then we can put a link to it on your website where people can see it easily and you can also post links to your new blog posts on other social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is becoming one of the biggest advertising and marketing tools in the world

The average user spends roughly an hour on Facebook when they log in and roughly 50% of Facebook's users log in every single day. That is an awful lot of business opportunity. Having a Facebook page for your business is almost essential these days for keeping up with the world and having your customers 'like' your page, means that your posts will appear on their newsfeed.

Using Facebook in the right way can be very powerful. Don't annoy your customers too much by posting something every hour otherwise they might 'hide' you from their newsfeed or even 'unlike' you. Posting once or twice a day is more than enough and will get you the publicity you might need. They've 'liked' you for a reason so don't abuse it!

When it comes down to it though, it's all about posting the right stuff. Posting your latest blog is very important as it will link to your website and also posting links to your website in general is important. New products that are out, great deals on offer too. If you're not attaching links to your posts it's almost pointless, but one good use is of course to post about upcoming stuff and general news, but even then you should link to somewhere really.

At Xigen, we can help you set up your Facebook page if you need it and also we can help you design a proper Facebook page with a welcome banner that makes users 'like' your page first in order to view the rest of your page. We can also add in lots of other tabs that make it almost like a mini website in itself and help advise you on anything else whilst using Facebook.

Twitter keeps it short and sweet

Twitter is also becoming a powerful marketing tool and although it restricts the size of your post (140 characters or less),this can allow you to compact what you what to say into small bites. Customers and clients that 'follow' you are more likely to read something if it's short and sweet. Once again though, don't overdo it. It takes about 3 seconds to 'unfollow' somebody on Twitter and users won't hesitate to do it. Posting links, like on Facebook, is again very important and Twitter helps you shorten the links you post so they don't take up most (or all) of the 140 characters you are allowed in a post.

Although people don't spend as much time on Twitter as they do on Facebook, a very large percentage of the time they do spend on it, will be on the newsfeed and a lot of users won't miss a single post in their newsfeed so make sure you are one of them!

At Xigen, we will help set up your Twitter account and show you how to do anything you are unsure on. We don't just design and develop, we are good business people too and will always be willing to offer our opinion on something if it's wanted.

Need help with social media? Contact us on our website or give us a call on 0845 230 5188.