Blasting cold, hard-selling email after email is NOT the way to go.

Automation can feel personalised and warm when done effectively.

You don’t want to be wasting your valuable time by marketing to someone who may or may not be enticed.

That may be obvious: you want that prospect on board, interested, and responsive to what you’re offering. To achieve this, drive traffic to your website, convert traffic to leads and convert those leads into customers, takes a little cajoling.

With our technical and marketing skills, we leverage marketing automation systems by implementing a strategy that nurtures your leads through the entire buying cycle, delivering a highly-targeted, personalised series of messages that address doubts or opposition to purchasing. For example, this is what we might do in a typical automated workflow:

1. Send a (good looking) email invitation to download an exclusive ebook to list of contacts
2. Send a (courteous) thank-you note to those that took up the offer of downloading the ebook
3. After a few days, a follow-up email, highlighting a case study relevant to the ebook
4. When a customer downloads the case study, the sales team are informed so they can follow up. The customer is engaged and ultimately, more likely to buy into the process.

The whole procedure has been done through marketing automation; but, what really makes the impact, is the personal aspect of the on-going conversion, not the hard-sell...