One of the best ways to start is with an Explainer Video.

We create them in many flavours: whether for a product demo, tutorial or training; there is no better way than an Explainer Video when it comes to helping people quickly understand a product or service you may offer.

This is why they can be so effective:

  1. Concise.

    Yes. They give you the most information in the shortest amount of time.

  2. Problem. Meet solution.

    Showing how your product or service evolves linearly through time or visual metaphor, from problem to solution, lends an incredible stamp of authenticity and legitimacy.

  3. Get down and get creative.

    Don’t be afraid to try things out. Experiment. The best explainer videos are not afraid to push the envelope. Telling a story through wit, wonderment, delight or discernment, to thoroughly engage your audience or customers.

  4. Anywhere, anytime.

    Portability. Once your video is made our team can customise it for a whole series of different contexts and formats. From YouTube, to your website’s homepage or a PowerPoint presentation and more…

  5. Shoe-shine your brand’s personality.

    We acknowledge the importance of relevant branding. We can help your brand’s character and personality shine through, whether through tone-of-voice, colour-ways or strong visual styling, reflecting your brand or product’s charisma!

  6. Be a show-off.

    Want to emphasise the value-added benefits of your product or service, or perform a product demonstration? You can, first-hand, thanks to the visual feel and flow of a short engaging video. Tell everyone about it in an Explainer Video by Xigen… bring it on!