We have bags of expertise and competency in creating compelling 2D animation graphics.

Understanding and communication of your product or business service through animation and focusing your audience and customers to see things your way.

2D animation may be the stringing together of a series of images, words or illustrations in sequence to create a dynamic movie or message - and it may sound fairly straightforward - but in the hands of our 2D team, we can take things to another level.

How is it best used? 2D animation is better suited for shorter or one-off projects. Whether using HTML5 (in combination with JavaScript and CSS) to create animated online banners or After Effects, Premiere or Animate to create more complex movie sequences, it takes a healthy mix of creativity, technique and storytelling to keep your audience engaged until the very end.

With our expertise in translating client objectives into rich graphics and animatics, our 2d animators are well positioned to help expand your brand or business possibilities through 2D animation.