Oct 10, 2017

Exhibiting at Ecommerce Expo 2017

One of the more exciting events of the past month was Exhibiting at Ecommerce Expo 2017 at Olympia London. This was a last-minute project, securing a good size stand. So, with less than a month to go before the big event, we started up our design team machine and swang into action. Everything needed doing, from designing the graphics, motion video to writing the copy for the leaflets. We’d never been to the Expo before, so we had to work hard to ensure that everything was planned carefully, all the equipment we needed was prepared, and the Project Managers manning the stall primed and raring to go.

Xigen team at the booth at Ecommerce Expo 2017

Everything came together nicely, and all was in place by the first day of the event. Five of us manned the stand for the first time Xigen ever was represented at the Ecommerce Expo. With over 20 years’ experience in day-to-day ecommerce design and development, we had a marvellous time meeting clients old and new, potential and past.

With our full service, end-to-end offering in ecommerce we soon captured a great crowd. Our ecommerce team stood at the ready speaking with over 700 visitors. It was great listening to a wide range of global ecommerce business across a broad spectrum of industries. We were in our element offering solutions and advice on streamlining business processes, increasing sales and reducing workload.

Xigen area at Ecommerce Expo 2017

For both of the extremely busy days, we were there cultivating new clients and partners, by the end of the show the team were ready to rest their voices with a well earned pint! With some exciting new clients on board, the event was a great success.

Naturally, we’re still catching up with everyone now we’re back. We’ve a whole reef of contacts to go through, a pile of potential clients to touch base with and lots of work to catch up on! If we met you and you’d like to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you again, especially if there’s any practical help we can give you to improve your online business.

Would we go there again? In a heartbeat! Just try and keep us away from the 2018 Expo.

Xigen Team at Ecommerce Expo 2017

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