Find out how highly targeted EDM campaigns improve audience engagement.

EDM & Email Marketing

EDM & email marketing: Engaging you audience, driving conversions.

EDM vs. Email Marketing

EDM differs from email marketing in that it not only involves sending marketing emails, it joins up those emails with other marketing activities to create a wider reaching, powerful campaign strategy designed for customer engagement, acquisition and retention.

The most successful EDM campaigns are multi-channel and include social media promotion, SMS messaging and offline collateral to communicate and reinforce your campaign message.

Email Content

Our email campaigns are designed using rich media content, which employs a range of dynamic motion and interactive digital media combining audio, video and animation, making your emails more interesting and engaging.

We also ensure that emails are, as far as possible, personalised—that means more than just using a recipient’s name. Browsing behaviour and purchase history can help us get to know your customers. Combined with strong calls to action, intuitive email layout, appropriate copy tone and extended social and offline coverage, your message will reach a wider audience.


An important factor that can have a significant impact on your email campaign success is segmentation. This is often overlooked. 89% of email marketers don’t bother to segment their email databases, simply sending to everyone on their DB and hoping for the best, hence the term ‘email blast’. As an experienced EDM marketing agency, we take a much more targeted and nuanced approach.

Not segmenting can lead to irrelevant emails being sent, potentially causing a lower open rate and higher bounce, unsubscribe and spam rates. The relevance of your email campaign is vital for audience engagement and conversion.

Email Analytics

Detailed data about the performance of your EDM campaign is gathered and analysed by our highly experienced digital marketing specialists, telling us which email recipients opened your email, which buttons they clicked on, what video content was played, which links were followed, who unsubscribed, which emails bounced, the list goes on. This data enables us to hone your future EDM campaigns and keep your DB clean.

Email campaign benchmark metrics provide data that help us to gauge the success of your campaigns, making it more likely that your emails will reach the right people and stimulate the required action. Benchmarks allow us to gauge the performance of your EDM campaigns—where they stand in your sector and across the wider business landscape.