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Top 5 Email Designs of July 2019

top 5 email marketing examples

Here at Xigen, we aim to ensure we provide excellence from start to finish and are always intending to focus on quality within everything we do. In order to keep our Email Marketing to its highest quality, our team meet regularly to discuss and share the latest design inspiration.

Each Month we find hundreds of different email marketing inspiration to spurge our creativity and its time we share some with you.

So without further ado, Here is our top 5 Email design inspiration for July 2019.

1. Tock - Schwa Alert

Tock email marketing example

This email provides a clean table of contents at the top of this newsletter. We believe it is a great idea for longer emails to help people get an understanding of the specified content throughout. Going above and beyond is always a positive, so attaching links that anchor down to the specified area in the email could be a way to improve this email design.

This ‘Tock - Schwa Alert’ example provides a clear understanding on what is meant, by highlighting the key point in a light red, but not taking the attention away from the other sections.

Full Email:

2. Oregon - Don’t Get Lost in the Dark

Oregon email marketing example

Oregon, a college savings plan company, takes their latest email to the next level with simplicity and humour.

They’ve used a ‘story time’ based theme to engage and captivate the readers of the email. They demonstrate their ability of producing a high-quality email design using a creative and stylistic GIF and use some sarcastic humour within their copy to keep the readers captivated as they scroll down the email newsletter. They don’t use crazy fonts or outrageous images which ensure a less ‘in your face feel’ because sometimes simplicity stands out.

Understanding that readers don’t have a lot of time is very important, so it can be vital to keep designs simple and straight to the point. This is a very good example of where it has successfully been done without sacrificing the quality of the design or the information provided.

Full Email:

3. Sonos

Sonos email marketing design example

Sonos’s makes their image spilling off the page, ready for the reader to make that purchase. The minimal use of images avoids overcrowding making a very powerful attention-grabbing email.

This is a great example of keeping it simple, presenting a great use of plain space which provides a clear central focus on the product and vital information. The plain space used throughout, provides ease to absorb and comprehend what the product is and what it does. The products are neatly displayed with a pop of colour to add interest and the information being aligned well, with an adequate amount of text presented.

There is also many clear CTAs throughout this email to ensure that readers have the potential to click through at any point if intrigued.

4. Litmus Live - Mark your Calendar

Litmus Live email marketing design example

This example uses a full width layout on desktop which looks great. They have utilised all space possible and have even warranted mobile friendliness on their design which ensures the best viewing experience for all receivers of the email.  

There is a nice use of bold colours to capture the reader’s attention. The square boxing of each location makes an obvious statement that they are in different locations. Simplicity can sometimes be a lot more successful that cramming and clutter as it can make an email look busy and confusing to the reader. However, Litmus has shown a how sometimes less is more. The main image for each location is a popular monument/Building from the specified area, providing a clean, easy understanding of where the event is being held.

Overall, they have many effective elements in this design. This was done by implementing great images, clear calls to action, and strong contrast throughout.

Full Email:

5. Bose – Beyond Better Sound

Bose email marketing example

Looking at the greatest email designs we can begin to understand that the email should recognize and promote the brand from beginning to end. Bose is a great example of this. They have created an email which shows where Bose began, all the way to the present day.

This ‘Hello Again’ Email has utilized a range of colours which fits with the section of the story they are sharing. A darker beginning, then a burst of colour to present their new and exciting products.  They section off each area of the email with blocks of images and text, providing ease and a less overpowering feel for readers to understand and absorb.

CTAs are scattered across this email to ensure the reader can engage at different points throughout the email, which is an important functionality to ensure in keeping maximum engagement and maximising the potential of the reader converting, whether that be watching your video, reading your article, calling your company, making a purchase etc.


Email marketing is a huge, and when looking for inspiration, sometimes all you need to do is take a look through your own inbox. From this you can begin to understand what was working and what wasn’t. Ask your self questions like, why did I click through on this email? Why did I delete this one straight away?

Here at Xigen were on the constant prowl for the best inspiration and latest trends to design the best email marketing campaigns possible. Our EMarketer’s bring together the most powerful suite of tools around today to enable everyone from start-ups and SMEs to enterprise clients to unlock the benefits of email marketing and communication. So if you’re looking for a team of highly experiences Email Marketers to design your next campaign, get in contact with us!