insights | 01.06.2010

ENCart eCommerce Customer Service Systems

From time to time, our clients will ask us to install a support ticket system on their ENCart eCommerce stores. By default ENCart does not include such a system (all customer queries are e-mailed to a mailbox and distributed to the correct members of the team) but busier stores with a lots of people working on customer support occasionally find this can lead to multiple responses which can confuse or even irritate the customer. The solution is to install a ticketing system that stores the customer query and updates the status when a staff member responds. This also helps provide a history for your eCommerce customers providing a great customer experience during a difficult period of time.

To provide the support system necessary for our clients, we turned to osTicket as it is easy to install and offers a large range of features including internal notes for the staff members, a temporary locking of the ticket to prevent more than one staff member reading the ticket at the same time, full archiving of all queries and the ability to handle all customer requests e-mailed to a certain address. When any of our eCommerce clients request a ticketing system, osTicket is our de facto solution.

Although the short-comings of osTicket are few and far between, a notable absence is the lack of HTML e-mail support. Our ENCart eCommerce stores as standard come with HTML e-mails for the checkout process and account creation, amongst others. As well as offering the customer a more “polished” checkout experience, we have found that clients who take advantage of our e-marketing services and have HTML e-mails installed on their eCommerce stores experience an increased open and click-through rate. Encouraged by these observations, we have added support for HTML e-mails to our installations of osTicket.

Our clients can now benefit from professionally built and well-tested HTML e-mails for their customer support system. These e-mails can display more information than the standard osTicket e-mails (such as the most recent query the customer asked) and aid the customer’s ability to scan the e-mail for the information they requested (improving the usability, customer experience and the potential for increase repeat-purchase rates).

For more information about osTicket, please refer to their website and for examples of the HTML e-mails that we have built in the past, and more information about our e-marketing services, please visit our e-marketing and CRM area. For more information about our feature rich eCommerce solution checkout our encart eCommerce page.

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