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Best Web Design Examples September 2019

Web design examples September

Web Design Showcase

Our proficient group of web designers, developers and digital marketing specialists investigate the coolest and most successful web design examples for you this September.

Adidas Speed Factory – eCommerce Website

Adidas Speed Factory Ecommerce Website Design Example

We’re suckers for great user experiences! Adidas have provided this through use of their interactive, scroll-triggered animations. They provide a great sense of engagement and help tell a story. Appropriately timed animations can expose information at exactly the right moment to capture the user’s attention, enticing them to naturally want to flow through the page.

Scroll-triggered animations are growing enormously in the web design world and we’re huge fans because of their effectiveness to attract users on a website to remain on the website, decreasing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates.

H. Lorenzo – eCommerce Website

H. Lorenzo Ecommerce Web Design Example

H. Lorenzo's eCommerce website ignores the usual norms of web development bringing out a sense of expressive freedom which completely represents the style of H. Lorenzo's clothing brand. This is done by using an upcoming trend called maximalism. This is a ‘protest’ against minimalism, presenting a visual look of excessiveness and dismissal. The phrase used for this trend is "more is more", opposing with the minimalist motto of "less is more". This is competing with the social norms and the belief that the greatest designs should be “clean and simple”.

This design throws everything at you from the second you land on the site. As the talent in the web designing world grows, expressiveness also continues to grow, incorporating quirkier motion designs, animations and illustrations etc. Although an enticing landing page is a very important part of any website, it is important to maintain this quality throughout the rest of the website to guarantee that your visitors are converting/interacting throughout your website in the way you wish,  ensuring high quality throughout its entirety. 

Bear Grylls – eCommerce Website

Bear Grylls Ecommerce Website Design Example

Bear Grills website has gone for a very simplistic approach, employing big beautiful imagery with parallax animations to tell the story. Despite the large images the website seems to load in a fast and efficient manner, keeping the user experience front of mind.

Images and videos are used to express moods, emotions, and the overall voice of the brand. As this is the case, website copy is being placed in the back seat as the images are becoming the focal point of telling the story.

Adobe – B2B Website

Adobe B2B Website Design Example

Adobe’s digital experience B2B website allows downloads/product tours uses bold colours throughout the page. In the past countless companies and designers were very conscious of ‘web-safe colours’, however recently we have begun noticing designers testing the waters and taking risks in their approach to colour. They have begun testing with vibrant and even clashing colours. This is a great way for brands to dodge the ‘web-safe’ and traditional approach.

The Adobe website is a great example of testing out new colour variations, moving away from their normal red and white colour themes. Using a saturated colour scheme is a perfect way to grasp the user’s attention and ensure engagement.

My Most beautiful nightmare – Digital Poetry Website

My Most Beautiful Nightmare Digital Poetry Website Design Example

A break from the norm of the eCommerce or Brochure website designs we usually share, this beautiful Digital Poetry website had to be included in our top 5. It was designed to impart a sense of terror, claustrophobia and the sometimes strange beauty of our nightmares.

The illustrations and design throughout are thought provoking and the poet has really captured a sense of melancholy and haunted isolation. Illustrations are wonderful, adaptable media used for creating images that are displaying emotions. Quite often used to display a playful and welcoming element to a website. Artists can produce illustrations with character, adjusting it to fit accordingly with the tone of a brand.

Whatever your products distinctiveness is, there will always be an illustration that can be created to portray it perfectly.


This month we have learnt to step out of our comfort zones and test the water when it comes to working on projects for our amazing clients. We ensure our team have scheduled meetings which provides us with an allocated time allowing us to share the best website examples we’ve recently discovered. If you'd like to find out more about our design approach or have a project in mind then please get in touch.

*The web design examples above are some we discovered whilst carrying out research for our clients and are not affiliated in any way with Xigen.*