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Best Web Design Examples November 2019

Top 5 web design examples

Web Design Showcase

This month our skilful team of web designers, developers and digital marketing specialists discover the expression of colour throughout the brightest, boldest and bravest web designs we could find, ready to fill your November with colour.

Liebe –Brochure Website.

Liebe brochure website design example

This example has isn't shy about using vibrant and bold colours, whilst ensuring they all fit well together in a beautifully designed website. Colour is a great way to make a website stand out and attract attention and Liebe demonstrates that colour, with a trained eye, can effectively achieve an impactful final result. They use different features to sell their product including images of cool people enjoying yoghurt, as well as reaffirming text to allow the audience to have a better understanding of what the product is and the benefit to them.

Indnegev – eCommerce Website.

Indnegev ecommerce website design example

Colour is a major part of the way we perceive the world, which is why it's such an important tool in a designer’s world. It can make or break a design and become a determining factor in the overall engagement for viewers. This eCommerce example from InDnegev, an Israeli festival held in the desert, is a great illustration of how using the appropriate colours can add to the overall experience of the website. InDnegev has carefully chosen colours relating to the desert, with dusky reds and deep yellows, to communicate to their audience the vibe of the festival from the moment users land on the site.  

Once Upon a Time Mag – Brochure Website.

Once upon a time mag brochure website design example

This example of Once Upon a Time mag displays a terrific way to make a cover visually interesting, by including a bold feature colour, such as the background orange, against more neutral and muted tones. This engaging website incorporates a stylish colour scheme with different fonts and font sizes, and great scroll triggered animation throughout to captivate the user!

CCI Cutting Crime Impact – Brochure Website.

CCI brochure website design example

A frequent challenge for designers is to ensure a successful colour scheme. Often a website's colour design will be inspired by company branding. CCi has successfully integrated their logo with the colour theme of the website, using the same colours to focus the audience’s attention to the main points of the landing page, including the call to action and using illustrations to portray the concept of the website, which is theft.  This dark and mysterious colour scheme, with a vibrant blue accent, follows a prevailing web design trend which uses a dark background with bright and bold accent colours in the foreground to capture the audience’s attention in those desired areas.

Useless – Brochure Website.

Use less brochure website design example

Colours are vital for communicating the tone and message of a website. Skilled designers know how to create colour schemes that really pop. This design example uses just two colours to emphasise the message, using a striking salmon-pink background with minimal text and imagery in bold blue around the webpage to focus the message, ‘how to use less plastic packaging ’. The whole website features really bold and simple colour combinations which have a powerful impact on the viewer.


Is your site bold enough and brave enough to let creativity run free, allowing bright and vibrant colours to shine through, making your website really stand out? If you'd like to find out more about our design approach or have a project in mind then please get in touch.

*The web design examples above are some we discovered whilst carrying out research for our clients and are not affiliated in any way with Xigen.*