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Best Web Design Examples June 2019

Web Design examples June

Web Design Showcase

Our crack team of web designers, developers and digital marketing experts report on some of the best and brightest web design examples that we've found so far this month.

  1. Lyft - (Brochure Web Design)
    Lyft Brochure Web Design
    We're suckers for large hero videos, especially when they load as fast that they do on the Lyft website. Our web design team love the use of a simple user interface, our user experience team love the clear visual signposting as well as the super simple sign up form and our web development team love the ease of use and the lightning fast load times.On balance the websites mobile experience ranks below that of the desktop experience which is a shame given that the content is cleanly laid out and could be easily designed to produce a much slicker mobile experience.
  2. Henge - (Brochure Web Design)
    Henge eCommerce Web Design Example
    It's the lighting section that caught the eye of our web design team whilst performing market research ahead of a new commission. The layout is unlike anything we've seen before, however, somehow it's still intuitive to use.Although it's just a brochure web site with no eCommerce functionality to speak of the animations are subtle and the website finish hints at what you could expect from Henge's range of premium design focused products.
  3. Femme & Fierce -  (eCommerce Web Design)
    Femme & Fierce eCommerce Web Design
    Now for something a little different! We've been flying the flag for micro animations for a while and this web site showcases some of the most interesting designs we've seen for a while. Typically, micro interactions are used on small, clickable elements such as buttons and used in the web sites navigation.In this case Femme & Fierce's web designers have augmented the user experience bringing the website to life using simple design and visually captivating animations. The user interface is super simple, bright and bold which helped make this onto our web design shortlist.
  4. Monograno Felicetti - (eCommerce Web Design)
    Monograno eCommerce Web Design
    We found this site whilst researching alternative eCommerce web design examples for a new client. We loved the playful nature of the user interface and our web design team especially liked the transition over the hero image when you first scroll down on the homepage.The mobile experience, although lacking the hero transition is slick with high quality imagery to help tease the user into interacting with the site. Once you add a product to the card you're rewarded with a nice microanimation to allow you to easily update the quantity. Molto bello!
  5. Kvell - (eCommerce Web Design)
    Kvell eCommerce Web Design
    This was another example we found whilst searching for premium eCommerce web design examples for stores with a limited number of products for a potential client. We loved the playfulness of the typography, the striking full colour imagery and the ease of which you could navigate through their range of products.The mobile experience is just as good as the desktop experience re-assuring the user of the high quality nature of the product whilst keeping it super simple to browse and purchase. This web site has got one of the most interesting product display pages (PDP) we've seen in a while too!

Our web design team meets every week to critique each others work and share the best website examples that we've seen over the last few days. If you'd like to find out more about our design approach or have a project in mind then please get in touch.

The web design examples above are just a few that we found whilst performing research for our clients and are not affiliated with Xigen.