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Best Web Design Examples August 2019

web design examples august

Web Design Showcase

Our professional team of web designers, developers and digital marketing specialists explore some fresh and creative web examples to help boost your creativity and inspire you this August!

HeyDay Skin Care – Ecommerce Website

HeyDay Skin Care Ecommerce Website Design Example

This unobtrusive, simple website caught the eye of our team as although there is very little on the page, it just works. The text. The imagery. The call to action. They have produced a landing page which presents all the detail needed to understand what the product does and the next steps to follow.

Hero headers were previously seen to feature large text, centred in the middle of the screen, which is still very much the case in many websites. However, here at Xigen, during our creative inspiration research, we have begun to notice a rise in one-sided layouts with all the text appearing on one side of the screen while imagery is positioned on the other.

HeyDay Skin care provides a layout creating a different kind of symmetry, done well when correctly observed.  The content and the imagery relate perfectly with a bare and naked feel to both sides. The elements on both the left and right side of the screen should feel equal in weight so that the audience’s eyes absorb all the features of the webpage with ease.

Magic Leap – Ecommerce website

Magic Leap Ecommerce Web Design Example

Magicl Leap's unique design provides an easy understanding of what the product does and how it is made. It brings a real world and Three-dimensional Computing combination which presents exactly what the product is trying to sell. This is a key factor in ensuring web design success, as the user will make up their mind very quickly if they choose to remain on the website or not. 3 main factors to take into consideration include:

  • Ensure it is visually appealing

Ensuring an eye-catching experience is essential as a website is a visual experience, where the users are exploring with their eyes. Avoiding clutter and inorganization is a great way to ensure ease and enjoyment for the user. 

  • Make sure it is very clear what your company is providing.

After a user sees your landing page, they should instantly understand what you do. If this isn’t the case, then you should re-evaluate your text and imagery to relate directly to what service you are providing.

  • Call to Action

Providing a clear and simple call to action guides people smoothly down the conversion funnel. If it is not clear and obvious, then there is a risk of user drop-offs.

One huge benefit Magic Leap provides, is its user experience maintaining consistency across all devices. It provides quick load time, even on a 3G connection! This is particularly remarkable as the website features responsive animation too!  

Fresh Fronks – Ecommerce Website

Fresh Fronks Ecommerce Website Design Example

This simple website design layout drives larger amounts of product sales through the use of bold text with a variety of sizing and typography, along with attractive product photos, to lure users to want to click for details on the product or directly purchase.

Each product is showcased by highlighting their unique features which allows the audience to be drawn to their preferred choice from the get-go. The simplistic layout of this website makes everything visually understandable, eliminating the chance of product confusion.

MetaView – Brochure website

MetaView Brochure Website Design Example

MetaView provides a split screen motion design with the option for interactivity. The split screen has varying details dependant on the side. With the Text, Image and Font being different, it requires close attention to be paid in order to understand what the website is featuring.

In today’s web design world, there is a large focus on readability and accessibility, however we have begun to notice designers trialling and experimenting with hero text elements that provide a challenge for the audience to read. Not to the extent of unreadable, but just enough to make the audience stop and think about what they are seeing on screen. This is an upcoming trend as text is becoming equally as important to be visually appealing as the content the text provides is. This is because it can also be a factor in capturing our attention due to the visual components.

They also provide the capability to change the language to German as seen in the top left corner. If you’re aiming for global success by breaking into new markets or are extending your business, then including translations is a great way to please a larger audience to incorporate ease and understanding into your business.

Aviva – Ecommerce Website
Aviva Ecommerce Web Design Example

Avivas jewellery website provides the motto that ‘Every piece of jewellery tells a story. Each story begins with a concept. Creating jewellery for women who aren’t afraid to make a statement.’ This provides an intimate feel to each product bought and this vibe is delivered across to the user with a striking and engaging image. Using a face to convey emotion generates an especially distinctive connection. This is proving to be an upcoming trend with the inclusion of stunning close-up images of people. The way an emotion is conveyed in an image can initiate a similar emotion to the audience. This image especially presents a sense of power and independence.

The call to actions around the outside presents a sense of hopefulness from the website creator that the image and text will be captivating enough for the user to choose to click the discreet call to action buttons scattered around the outskirts of the page.


This month we explored some quirkier web design examples and discovered different trending designs displaying new techniques and visual elements that are appearing more frequently.

Incorporating regular scheduled meetings into our work time allows us to analysis the work of one another, along with showing the best website examples that have been discovered over the past week. If you'd like to find out more about our design approach or have a project in mind then please get in touch.

*The web design examples above are some we discovered whilst carrying out research for our clients and are not affiliated in any way with Xigen.*


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