Innovative eCommerce Website Design

The online landscape has become increasingly overcrowded, so employing innovative website design solutions for your eCommerce business is essential. We offer a full suite of eCommerce development services tailored to creating high performance websites to help heighten your conversion rates and boost sales.

Empowering Businesses to Succeed in a Dynamic Online Marketplace

Our proactive eCommerce website design service - and the suite of resources that come with the package - will prepare your business for success in a dynamic online marketplace.

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The Right eCommerce Platform

As part of our eCommerce website design approach, we only work with flexible and adaptable platforms that can respond to the operational demands of your business. We are not bound to using any single platform and only recommend the eCommerce platform that will best suit your business.

Expertise & Experience

Our specialist eCommerce development services include only creating high performance eCommerce websites. Our 40-strong in-house team of dedicated eCommerce website design and development experts has the experience to build fast, robust, secure and reliable online retail solutions, tailored to your unique business requirements.

Omnichannel Integration

We’re a diligent eCommerce website design agency - that’s why all of the eCommerce websites that we design and build are omnichannel, enabling your business to seamlessly trade on third-party sites such as eBay, Amazon or Etsy. This opens up huge potential for new routes to market from a single source of truth, significantly reducing operational friction and improving customer experiences.

Specialists in eCommerce Development

At Xigen, we offer a comprehensive and specialist integrated eCommerce website design service. Every site we build is designed with optimal performance in mind and is optimised for everything from UX and conversion rates to searches and marketing.

Custom eCommerce Website Design Solutions

At the heart of everything we do is you - our customers. We provide bespoke eCommerce development and create high-performance eCommerce websites tailored to each business we serve.

Our eCommerce Website Design & Development Service Lifecycle

eCommerce design agencies with a passion for what they provide should have a comprehensive process in place. That’s why we have a lifecycle including five key stages.

Research & Planning

The first step in website design for eCommerce is to understand your eCommerce development requirements. We like to get to the heart and soul of brands and businesses. Only then can we begin to create custom eCommerce website design solutions for each business we work with. This important initial discovery phase gives us a solid foundation on which to begin devising your eCommerce development strategy.


From annotated sketches to clickable prototypes, using wireframes enables us to communicate our eCommerce website design ideas transparently so you can fully understand everything from conception to working prototype. Working with wireframes as part of our eCommerce development services allows us to really hone UX, helping ensure customer journeys are as frictionless and intuitive as possible.

Content Material

The look and tone of an eCommerce website is vital, that’s why we address this as part of our design service. During the eCommerce development process, we ensure that user interface (UI) elements project the right brand persona and the UX is positive. This crucial eCommerce development stage ensures alignment between brand persona and website design.

Business Integration

If your business has an existing ERP, we can design an eCommerce development solution that will integrate with it. The eCommerce platforms we use fit easily with existing systems and backends. Regardless of business size, we can offer an eCommerce website design and development service that not only satisfies your needs now but has the scope to evolve and grow with your business.

Maintenance & Support

For us, the work doesn’t stop after the design of your eCommerce website. Once launched, we continue to work tirelessly, ensuring that your platform is well supported. This includes security and operational updates, implementing new tools and features, advice on optimisation strategies, data and reporting and more. Our eCommerce website design service includes on-hand project managers and design specialists who offer technical support, training, consultation and strategic advice.


We understand that entrusting the success of your business with an eCommerce website design agency is a big decision to make. Take a read through our eCommerce website design FAQs for further details.

How much does an eCommerce website cost?

As the eCommerce website design and development services we offer are all bespoke and tailored to each individual business. The cost of the service also varies, depending on your needs. Start a conversation with one of our platform agnostic specialists about your requirements and develop a quote for your business today.

What is an eCommerce website/platform?

An eCommerce website is an online gateway in which transactions of services and goods are carried out. An eCommerce platform is the software application from which a business can manage their eCommerce operations.

As the online marketplace has become more competitive, the design of an eCommerce website has become increasingly important to attract and retain the attention of customers.

Why is eCommerce important?

ECommerce is important for a number of reasons, including the opportunity to offer a more comprehensive service to your customers.

By employing eCommerce website development services you can position your business to expand its reach and go global. After all, your best marketing tool will be your website.

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