Sage People wanted to increase engagement rates on

Through collaboration of our in-house design and development teams we redesigned and redeveloped key sections of their website. Measuring against KPIs such as user time on page and conversion rates we were able to deliver and demonstrate improved results.

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    Sage People’s main landing page, the home page, required a redesign to create a better user experience; decreasing bounce rates and increasing lead generation.

    Additionally, their product overview page had remained in its current guise for almost as long as the homepage. Both needed a modern design, clear sign posting and single-minded calls to action.

    Modern, mobile focused designs

    Our research indicated that despite being a B2B website, mobile users made up around 20% of the website’s demographic. Armed with this knowledge we were able to craft mobile friendly designs to help keep these users as engaged as their desktop counterparts.

    Two-step demo form

    We found that users were abandoning the current demonstration sign up process.

    From previous experience we knew presenting the seven fields required for a demonstration in two distinct steps would not only increase engagement but decrease abandonment.

    Increased breadth of content

    In order to decrease the bounce rate we wanted to increase the breadth of content available to the user without bombarding them.

    We introduced key areas of the site such as news, events and client testimonials at key points in the user journey, guiding them through the page whilst allowing time to ‘dig in’ to the content at any point.

    Proving the concept

    A/B tests were conducted on both new pages; testing against their older counterpart. The results showed that in both cases the newer pages significantly outperformed the older versions.

    After the testing period both pages were adopted as the new baseline and further, smaller tests have been performed to hone the engagement rates.