Constructionline approached Xigen to design and develop a new CMS based website to help engage users and generate leads for their subscription based service.

Constructionline connects buyers and suppliers in the construction sector. Collecting and verifying company information in order to minimise risk whilst appointing suppliers for major construction projects.

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    The incumbent platform was difficult to manage, slow and expensive to modify. There were a multiple of user experience improvements to be made across the site and a great deal of page templates to re-create before migrating the content across.

    Easy to update

    The new platform is much faster to modify, meaning changes can be tested and deployed in record time (days vs weeks previously)


    Page speed has increased dramatically helping both the user experience with more pages per visit being requested and SEO efforts are now more fruitful then before.

    Quick to modify

    The new platform is much faster to modify, meaning that we can make changes, test and deploy in record time (days vs weeks previously).

    Ongoing support

    Working closely with our UX team, Capita are now free to make continued improvements to the site using session recording and A/B testing software to test hypotheses before committing to them.